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How to Use the U-Haul After Hours Drop Off

Using the after hours drop off is a fairly simple process. U-Haul has once again made it easier for you to drop your truck or trailer rental off at the rental facility after hours. Here are the steps to follow when dropping your equipment off after hours: 1. Look at the contract you were given when you rented the truck or trailer and determine the drop off location that is assigned within the contract. Be conscious that dropping the equipment off at a different location may incur additional fees. 2. If returning a truck rental, be sure the fuel-gauge reading is as indicated on the contract to avoid additional fuel charges and service fees. 3. Some locations will have signs leading to the designated drop off point within the facility. 4. Ensure the rental truck is left in a legal parking area. Customers are responsible for any parking fines, penalties or towing charges. 5. If you used furniture pads or the appliance dolly, secure the additional rental equipment in the cab of the truck or vanbody of a trailer when a padlock is provided. 6. To avoid additional charges on the furniture pads, ensure they are clean and folded neatly for the staff to restock them within the truck for the next customer. 7. To avoid damage to the interior of the trucks cab, lay a single furniture pad on the seat before securing the appliance dolly in the cab of the truck. 8. Lock the doors of the rental truck before dropping the key to the vehicle in the key drop off slot or designated location. 9. Be sure to keep your copy of the contract but drop the green or yellow Safemove validation along with the key. 10. Key drops are generally located near an entrance and may be an easy to access mail slot. 11. If you cannot locate a mail slot, look for an orange mail box mounted on a gate or wall as the designated key drop off location. Finally, to ensure all is completed with your truck rental drop off, contact the drop off location during open hours to verify closure of the contract.