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Helpful Tips for Loading a U-Haul Truck Rental

U-Haul is always trying to help make your move easier, watch the video above for great tips and tricks on how to effectively load a rental truck to minimize load shifting and maximize the space provided to fit your belongings. 1. Load fragile items or boxes in the Mom’s Attic 2. When using an appliance dolly, pull the large cargo up the ramp rather than pushing it. 3. Load heavier items towards the front of the rental truck (closest to the Mom’s Attic) 4. Use plenty of furniture pads to help protect your belongings from being damaged or shifting during the transit to your new home. 5. Fill empty gaps towards the top of the box truck with lightweight, less fragile belongings. 6. Load and pack your belongings in tiers or cells and pack them tightly to prevent load shifting. 7. Reference ‘cells’ at 0:22 within the video to visualize how to load the truck in the most effective way. Be sure to tie off each cell before beginning a new cell. 8. Finish by loading non fragile miscellaneous items or furniture pads to fill any gaps that may allow for load shifting. Lastly, be sure you have enough clearance room for the door to close properly while locking and latching the door securely to ensure your belongings do not fall out the back of the truck.