Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a cost to open a business account?

    No, the corporate account is a free business tool.

  • What are the requirements for a business account?

    At least one year in business and validation of business on the secretary of state website.

  • Is there a minimum use of the business account?

    There is no minimum use required. 

  • Are there special rates offered?

    Business accounts are offered exclusive preferred rates in some cases on in-town moves. These rates are set in place by the rates & distribution department and are not negotiable.

  • What coverage options do I have with the U-Haul business account?

    U-Haul business accounts require that you have your own certificate of insurance or take U-Haul’s SafeMove coverage. For more details please visit Damage Coverage

  • Why does a business account require coverage when I can rent retail without?

    Business account customers typically keep equipment out for longer and drive higher mileage than the average U-Haul customer; therefore, having a business account requires the business to provide full coverage or accept U-Haul’s coverage.

  • What is the maximum rental period with a U-Haul business account?

    90 Days from the original dispatch date

  • How is U-Haul’s fleet maintained?

    No outside maintenance, only to be performed by U-Haul locations/shops

  • Can I view receipts for rentals on my account?

    Yes, once logged into your online account, you can view all reservation and rental details including your receipts.

  • Can I send drivers other than myself to pick up equipment?

    Yes, the corporate account allows the business owner to make reservations for other employees to pick up and no physical form of payment is required.

  • What if I have existing reservations that are not booked on my corporate account?

    You will need to re-book these reservations on your business account to assure all billing and rates are properly implemented.

  • Do any U-Haul trucks have lift gates?

    No U-Haul trucks have lift gates, only ramps on certain equipment models. Please visit for details.

  • What is the difference between a “One-Way” and “In-Town” rentals?

    One-Way truck, trailer and/or towing rentals are for one-way moves. You pick up your equipment from a rental location near your starting point, then drop it off at a different rental location near your destination.

    In-Town truck, trailer and/or towing rentals are for local moves or one-time deliveries. You pick up and drop off your equipment at the same rental location.

  • Can I walk in and rent a truck with my corporate account?

    No, business accounts must place reservations for truck rentals prior to showing up at the location.

  • What if I need more time on my current rental?

    Call the local office at the number listed on your contract receipt that is either emailed or handed to you at the time of dispatch to assure the equipment is available for a longer period of time.

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