Find your alternative fuel refill station.

Find your Propane Tank Refill Station

What is Propane AutoGas Fleet?

Propane is a clean burning fuel that offers long-term benefits to fleet owners. Propane autogas fleets will see lowered greenhouse gas emissions, cheaper cost per gallon and lower maintenance costs at no expense to vehicle performance.

Fleet Benefits for AutoGas

  • 26 Million vehicles operating worldwide
  • Lowest total cost of ownership
  • Emission friendly
  • Easy to convert single vehicle or entire fleet
  • 15,0000 miles without maintenance

Partnering with U-Haul

  • Over 1,100 locations
  • No expensive fuel dispensary needed
  • No minimum fleet size
  • Longer driving range
  • No need for home fueling base
  • Quick fill pumps located in major cities

How Conversion Works

Converting a gas vehicle to propane is a seamless transition that sets your fleet up for future success. Typically a fuel conversion updates five components of the vehicle:

  • Reducer
  • Injector
  • Filter Units
  • Computer
  • LPG Switch

AutoGas Success Story:
School Buses

Success story video link

AutoGas Success Story:
School Buses

Currently there are over 16,000 propane fueled school buses on the road. These buses transport over a million students a day at a cheaper cost than regular fuel alternatives.

Video: Propane School Bus Follow-Up: Boston Public Schools

U-Haul Business Accounts for Autofuel Fleets

Fleet Truck

With a U-Haul Business account, you gain access to over 1,100 refueling locations nationwide. Using our refueling stations instead of building your own will save you upwards of $300,000.

Additionally, we will work with you specifically for a fuel cost that complements your fleet size and specific needs.

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Refuel & Save

Trusted Industry-Leading Organizations

  • Alliance AutoGas

    The Alliance AutoGas program includes vehicle technology, EPA-certified conversions, refueling infrastructure, data integration, fuel supply and all the training you need to keep your public or private fleet on the cutting edge.

    Alliance AutoGas serves the fleet vehicles of police, taxi, transit, delivery and more.

  • Roush

    Roush CleanTech offers fleet sales for those looking to upgrade or create a new fleet of propane autogas powered vehicles. They are also the only fleet certified to the California Air Resources Board strict emissions standards

    Roush offers school buses, Ford Chassis Cabs, Strip Chassis/Cutaways, and Retrofits that encapsulate any mid-sized fleet requirements on the market.

  • ICOM

    ICOM Alternative Fuel Systems offers both a Mono-Fuel liquid injection system and a Liquid Injection Bi-Fuel Propane System which is EPA certified for many 2009 - 2016 Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles as well as most 2010 - 2016 Chevrolet and GMC vehicles.


Thanks to the VW Settlement Fund, many states are incentivizing the switch to alternative fuels. In combination with other federal programs, there are plenty of opportunities now for both private and public fleets to go green.

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