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Corporate Relocation with U-Box Containers

U-Box moving containers are perfect for your employees' cross-country moves. U-Box containers are delivered to their door, shipped to their new city and delivered to their new home to be unloaded on site. Moving Help service providers can be added to any move to handle the loading and unloading, giving your employees a full-service relocation move at the low cost you can expect from U-Haul.

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    U-Box offers multiple delivery options to fit any move and budget.

  • A couple unloading a UBox container in the driveway of a residential house

    Nobody in the business has more locations or serves a larger market.

Business Storage and Events with U-Box Containers

A couple loading 2 UBox containers with boxes and office furniture
Business Storage

Portable storage containers are perfect for storing trade show supplies and additional files and documentation you no longer have space for. U-Box containers are stored at a local U-Haul location, so you know your contents are safe. You provide the lock for each container, so only you have the key to access what's inside.

  • U-Box portable storage can also be kept on site at your business to store furniture and supplies during a remodel or renovation.
Employees using a UBox container to store equipment used for a marathon event.
Business Events

The best part about U-Box containers is they can be used for as little or as long as you need them. They can be stored on site at your facility or stored at a U-Haul location for the same low monthly fee. They can even be shipped anywhere in the world.

  • They are perfect for storing trade show booths since they can be shipped to the next city you're going to, eliminating the need to carry everything yourself through the airport or while on the road.
  • They can be used as extra storage at large events like marathons, races or golf tournaments.

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