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Commercial & Business Storage Solutions

U-Haul provides a complete storage management solution program designed to fit the needs of companies that require and utilize storage on a regional and national level. Many of our corporate clients are involved in the pharmaceutical, electronic, publishing and retail businesses.

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Instead of leasing more office space, reduce your business costs and avoid long-term lease commitments by renting a storage room. You can easily adjust your area for changing levels of seasonal and promotional materials, company records, sales samples and inventories. Our U-Haul storage facilities offer the following for business storage solutions:

Nationwide Storage Availability
U-Haul can provide a cost effective, convenient storage facility throughout the U.S. and Canada with more than 6,800 clean, dry, and secure facilities.
Storage Management
Maintain an efficient, reliable way to track your employee's commercial and business storage usage and costs.
Online Account Access
Enjoy easy online access to manage essential account information and make reservations.
Storage Solutions
Our variety of sizes and storage types can fit every company's storage needs. Whether you are a pharmaceutical company seeking PDMA compliant storage or a retail company looking to store excess product, we have the storage for you.
U-Haul offers multiple levels of security to protect your belongings. Levels of security can range from electronic gates to individually alarmed rooms, and may also include audio and video monitoring, perimeter fencing and intercom systems.
Package Acceptance
Your employees do not have to be present to have their packages received and placed in their storage unit.
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