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  • Claimed wrong phone number

    Michael F.
  • My mover called me Saturday morning and notified me that his 5pm appointment cancelled and that we could meet at 5pm instead of 7pm...but he didnt arrive until after 630 pm...

    John J.
  • Please see previous email sent to customer service. Also please note that if I had known I would not be able to contact the company responsible for putting me in touch with such horrible movers, I would not have chosen to go thru moving help.com. And I would happily pay extra to be able to speak with someone and get immediate help. Moving is stressful. It's extremely challenging to simply reschedule a moving day!!!! Therefore, one MUST have reliable movers.

    Lisa H.
  • They were definitely accommodating of my needs and worked efficiently.

    Nicole I.
  • I am unable to contact the movers on 8/11/2016.

    Navid I.
  • Helped us on his day off! Quick, and efficient and very courteous. Would recommend to everyone!

    Stephanie H.