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Keeping Your Belongings Dry and Secure

Climate controlled storage units are a feature mainly available at our indoor storage facilities. While some outdoor or drive-up storage locations may offer climate controlled units, they are most commonly found in our one or multi-story storage buildings. Because these units are located inside a building, they are kept at a comfortable temperate range between 65 and 85 degrees, just like your home.

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Woman with boxes opening storage unit

Why Get a Climate Controlled Unit?

You should consider getting a climate controlled storage unit if you have items you'd like to protect from the weather and humidity. Non-climate rooms are perfect for items that you would store in your basement, garage or shed. However, items that are more delicate and sensitive to humidity and weather should be stored in a unit that has climate control. These rooms provide a consistent temperature year round, protecting your belongings from extreme temperatures and harmful humidity.

Impact On…

  • Box with CD jewel cases Box with CD jewel cases

    Metal, Wood and Plastics

    As the weather cycles between hot and cold throughtout the year, metal, wood and plastic products can begin to warp. Wooden belongings tends to expand and sometimes crack if they're not in a climate controlled environment, while CDs, DVDs, and vinyl products will began to warp from the heat.

  • Folded cloths on bed Folded cloths on bed

    Clothing and Fabrics

    Due to humidity, clothing and fabrics can begin to wear down and grow mold or mildew on them. Items can begin to lose their color when exposed to the heat and elements over time.

  • Photo albums and awards Photo albums and awards

    Sentimental Items

    Antiques, family heirlooms, and photos cannot be replaced. When exposed to the heat and elements, these items can lose their luster and value over time.

  • Man with bike and boxes in storage unit Man with bike and boxes in storage unit


    Your items aren't the only ones that need climate control. If you live in and area that has extreme temperatures or high humidity throughout the year, moving items in and out of your unit and home may become unpleasant. Climate controlled rooms provide you with comfort while accessing your belongings.

What Items Need Climate Control?

What Items Need
Climate Control?

  • Electronics (Computers, TVs, Hard Drives, etc.)
  • Clothing
  • Appliances
  • Wood and/or Metal Furniture
  • Fabrics and Leather
  • Mattresses
  • Photos, Paintings, and Prints
  • Books
  • Musical Instruments
  • Medical Supplies
  • Office Supplies
  • Important Documents
  • CDs, DVDs, Cassette Tapes and Record Collections
  • Sentimental Items

Climate Control Checklist

Climate Control

Consider getting a climate controlled unit if you answer yes to one or more of the following questions. The cost per month may be a few dollars more, but the cost to properly store your belongings is less than the cost of replacing those items.

  1. Are your items of sentimental or high value to you? (ex: family photos, antiques, etc.)
  2. Does the temperature in your area drop below freezing? (32° F)
  3. Does the temperature in your area rise above 90° F?
  4. Is there high humidity in your area throughout the year?
  5. Do you have a long term need for storage?
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