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What is Drive Up Storage?

Drive up storage units are a lot like home garages: enclosed, outdoor storage spaces on ground level at a storage facility. Simply pull up directly in front of your storage unit any time during access hours and load and unload your belongings for a convenient storage experience. Units are typically arranged in rows with paved aisles in between for easy access with your vehicle or U-Haul truck. There are no stairs or elevators so you can easily move furniture, boxes, appliances, and more into your storage unit.

*One month free self-storage with one-way equipment rentals at U-Haul® and participating Affiliate locations

Is a Drive Up Storage
Unit Right for You?

Whether drive-up storage is right for you depends on your needs. To help you understand drive up storage better, here are several benefits and factors to consider.

Quick Access

Drive up storage may be the best choice for you if you are looking for convenient and frequent access to your storage unit. Because there are no elevators or stairs to navigate, you can quickly and easily get to your storage unit during facility hours without hassle.


Unlike climate controlled or indoor units, drive up storage units are outdoors. That means the items in storage could be affected by changes in weather and humidity. If you are comfortable storing your items in a standard garage, then drive up storage may be suitable for you.


Because drive up units are outdoors and typically not climate controlled, they are the most affordable storage option. If you are looking for an affordable solution that provides convenient and easy access to your belongings, then consider a drive-up storage unit.

Larger Units

You can find different unit sizes at an outdoor storage facility. But in general, drive-up storage spaces are of the larger variety; 10’ x 10’ to 10’ x 30’ storage units are some of the most common drive-up sizes. View our storage unit size guide for more information.

Vehicle Storage

Depending on the size of your drive-up storage unit, you may be able to use it for vehicle storage. Everything from boats to ATVs to motorcycles can be stored in a drive-up storage unit. Quickly store your vehicle when not in use and pull it out on demand.

Common Drive-Up Storage Customers and Uses

Common Drive-Up Storage Customers and Uses

  • Business owner loading items from a self storage container into a company vehicle

    Business Owners

    Consider a drive-up storage unit for your business needs if you require frequent access to your items in storage. Employees can load and unload items into company vehicles with ease. The unit can also serve as extra room if the office is getting crammed and more storage space is needed. Great for:

    • Extra Inventory
    • Office Furniture and Supplies
    • Tools and Equipment
  • Vehicle Owners

    Does your apartment not have a garage, or Homeowners Association not allow recreational vehicles to be parked outside? With the right sized drive-up unit, you can store your vehicle in the unit, like a garage. Keep your vehicle out of the elements and access it when needed. Great for:

    • Cars or Small Trucks
    • Hobby/Collector Vehicles
    • Recreational Vehicles (Snowmobiles, ATVs, Jet Skis, etc.)
    Vehicles parked at a storage facility
  • Home owners loading boxes into a rental van from a storage unit

    Home Owners

    Is your garage at home full? If you're out of space in your garage or shed at home, consider a drive-up storage unit for those items that you can't get rid of but need frequent access to. With locations nearby, your belongings are just a short drive away. Pull your vehicle up, load/unload, and go! Great for:

    • Sports/Camping Equipment
    • Lawn/Garden Tools
    • Seasonal Items/Decorations

Is Outside/Outdoor Storage Different from Drive Up Storage?

Is Outside/Outdoor Storage Different from Drive Up Storage?

Outside/outdoor storage and drive-up storage is the same thing. Drive up storage is often referred to as outside/outdoor storage because drive up storage spaces are located outside at the storage facility. If you rent a drive-up storage unit, rest assured your belongings will be secure and enclosed.

Drive Up Storage Vs. Climate Control Storage

Drive Up Storage Vs. Climate Control Storage

Drive up storage and climate-controlled storage are two of the most popular storage types. You may be wondering if it’s worth it to reserve a climate-controlled space versus an outdoor space. To help you decide, consider the items you plan to store; are you storing items of sentimental or high value, or anything that could be negatively affected by weather conditions? If so, consider a climate-controlled unit. Otherwise, an outdoor storage space should be more than adequate.

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