Trailer/towing rentals

How can I determine if my vehicle can tow (or be towed) by U-Haul equipment?
How much weight is allowed in a U-Haul trailer?
How do I find my hitch system rating?
Does it matter how the trailer is loaded?
Why is U-Haul giving me more days in my one-way rental than I need?
How are U-Haul trailer/towing rates determined?
How will I know where to drop off my equipment?
Do I have to pay a deposit when renting a U-Haul trailer/towing item?
Why was my hitch quote one price and more when it was installed?
Can I take a U-Haul trailer across the U.S./Canadian border?
Can my car tow a U-Haul trailer?
What hitch ball height is required for U-Haul trailers?
What are alternative tie downs for the auto transport?