Self-Storage Frequently Asked Questions

  • What size storage unit do I need?

    U-Haul has a variety of unit sizes and types to fit the needs of our customers. Check out our self-storage size guide for help choosing the right size storage unit. At the facility and find your room too small? Ask to combine it with another room nearby or transfer to a larger unit for an additional fee.

  • How do I reserve a storage unit?

    There are four ways you can reserve a storage unit with U-Haul; online, in person by visiting a location, directly calling the location, or by calling 1-800-GO-U-Haul.

  • How long will you hold my reservation?
    U-Haul owned and managed locations will hold a reservation up to one day after your expected move-in date.
  • Does U-Haul charge a deposit or admin fee?
    U-Haul owned and managed locations DO NOT charge a deposit or admin fee. There is no cost to reserve or secure your room; just your first month of rent is due when you sign your contract! Storage affiliate locations may or may not extend this offer to U-Haul customers as well. 
  • Do I have to sign a long-term contract?
    We do not require customers to sign long-term contracts to rent storage from U-Haul. Your rental agreement with U-Haul is month by month. 
  • What if my storage space size needs change?
    If you are an active customer and your storage space size needs change, you can request a transfer to a larger or smaller unit at any time. With no long-term contracts and monthly billing, you’re not locked into a unit. To request a transfer, speak to a customer service representative at your existing storage facility. 
  • Can I sign a contract for a friend or relative?
    U-Haul does not allow you to sign a rental agreement for a friend or relative. When you sign your rental agreement, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions. For that reason, we cannot legally allow you to sign a contract for your friend or relative. 
  • What is the difference between storage access hours and office (standard) hours?
    Storage access hours are the hours when the storage facility is fully accessible to you. Meanwhile, office (standard) hours are the hours that a staff member is on-site to assist you with your storage needs if needed. These hours will generally vary depending on the location. 
  • How do I add or designate who can access my storage room?

    When you move-in, let the staff member know who is able to enter your storage room. They will add them to your contract. Otherwise, you can add or remove individuals through your U-Haul account.

  • How do I access my storage room?

    You can access your room using either an access card or entering your access code on the arm/disarm keypad station or quick check-in/out keypad station where applicable. Outside of office hours, the loading/unloading doors are closed and require an additional swipe to open them.

  • What happens if I lose my access card or forget my access code?

    If you lose your access card, you can purchase a new one at the customer service office for your location. If you forgot your access code, you can find it within your U-Haul account.

  • How do I lock up my storage unit?

    We require that all customers secure their rooms using a round discus style lock. They can be purchased at a discount from the U-Haul store online or at the counter during move-in. The locks add an additional layer of security and prevent break-ins from occurring. You are not required to purchase from U-Haul.

  • What is Online Move-In / Rent Now?
    Online Move-In / Rent Now is our newest service offering for self-storage customers. When you Rent Now, you secure your storage unit immediately by signing your rental agreement and paying your first month of rent online. Once the online paperwork is completed and payment is processed, you receive a unit assignment and access code to the facility immediately. 
    Learn more about Online Move-In/Rent Now.
  • What is the difference between a reservation and online move-in?
    Online Move-In secures your unit for you immediately. It requires you to sign your rental agreement online and pay your first month of rent before receiving a unit assignment and access code. Meanwhile, a reservation places a hold in our inventory for your selected room size for a selected period of time. It does not require a payment or agreement to be signed until you walk in to complete your move-in. 
  • Are all locations and units eligible to rent using Online Move-In?
    Online Move-In is available at most U-Haul owned and managed locations with some storage affiliates also offering the service. Units are set up at the discretion of the facility manager, but generally units will be available in various quantities of each size for online move-in. Find the nearest location that meets your needs and use the rent now filter on the location page to see if they offer online move-in. 
  • How do I access my unit after completing Online Move-In?
    Directions will be sent to you via email for online move-in. Check your email for instructions. If you didn’t receive them, check your U-Haul account under the communications section for a copy of emails sent to you. Still haven’t received it? Contact your self-storage facility for further instructions.

  • How can I pay for my storage space?

    Customers have several options to pay for their storage space. Pay online, in person or over the phone. All major credit cards are accepted (VISA, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX) along with cash, check or set up ACH in store. You can also setup auto pay at your storage facility or online in your U-Haul account.

    Learn more about How to Pay Your Storage Unit Rent.

  • How do I set up auto pay for my storage space?

    To set up auto pay, create or log in to your U-Haul account.  Select My Rentals/Reservations to find your existing rentals and locate your contract number for the unit you’d like to add to auto pay.  Select Manage Auto Pay

    You can also set up auto pay at the storage facility during move-in or anytime during office hours.

    Learn more about How to Pay Your Storage Unit Rent.

  • Why did my automatic payment fail?
    If your storage unit is setup on auto pay but your automatic payment has failed, this can be due to several reasons including invalid card information, such as past due expiration date, or insufficient funds. Check your U-Haul account payment information or your bank account before your next rent due date to prevent further failed autopayments.
  • Why is my storage unit not showing in my account?
    If you are renting a storage unit but your unit is not in your U-Haul account, go to Find My Storage Unit and enter your storage unit information to associate your storage room with your account.
  • What promotions are available at U-Haul for Storage?

    U-Haul offers one month of free storage for all one way equipment rentals at participating locations. To find locations, visit or view our discounts page for additional offers in your area.

  • When is my monthly rent due?

    Your monthly rent is due every month on the date your move-in occurred. For example, if you moved in on the 15th, your next month of rent is due on the 15th the following month.

    Learn more about How to Pay Your Storage Unit Rent.

  • Does U-Haul pro-rate rent?

    U-Haul will not pro-rate rent for a storage unit. When your payment is received, your monthly payment carries you until your next monthly due date.

  • What happens if I miss a payment or am late on a payment?

    If you miss a payment or are late, you will be charged a late payment fee that varies by location and region. To avoid late payments, sign up for auto pay on your U-Haul account.

    Learn more about How to Pay Your Storage Unit Rent

  • Do I need insurance to rent storage at U-Haul?

    Proof of insurance is required to rent storage at U-Haul. For your convenience and peace of mind, we offer the most affordable self-storage insurance available with Safestor. Rates start at $8.95 per month for $1,000 worth of coverage; for more details on what is covered and benefits, visit our damage coverage page.


    If your homeowners or renters insurance covers your storage unit, just bring proof of your insurance along with you during move-in.

  • What is your storage reservation cancellation policy?

    U-Haul does not have a reservation cancellation policy as your storage space is only guaranteed up to seven days in advance of your expected move-in date. If you do not show up by your expected move-in date, your unit is considered free to rent to other customers.

  • What is your move-out policy?

    When you are ready to move-out, ensure that your room is clean and all belongings have been cleared out to avoid any cleaning fees. You must remove the lock from your unit as well. Please notify staff that you are moving out in order to avoid getting billed.

  • Does U-Haul allow customers to store RVs, Boats, Cars, or other Vehicles?

    Yes. U-Haul offers Vehicle Storage at select facilities. Each facility is unique to its market, offering a variety of options, including but not limited to open-spaces, covered spots, or fully enclosed vehicle storage units. Learn more about storage options for your car, motor-home, boat, etc. by visiting our vehicle storage page.

  • What do I need to bring to rent a vehicle storage space?

    You will need to bring your Driver’s License or other government-issued ID. In addition, you’ll need to provide the following information for the vehicle you will be storing: license plate number, make of boat/vehicle, and proof of current insurance policy.

  • What security features are available at U-Haul?

    U-Haul owned and managed storage facilities utilize multiple layers of industry-leading security features. These are collectively called MAX or maximum security. You can find any combination of the following at our storage facilities: security cameras, individually alarmed rooms, electronic access, intercoms, fire sprinklers, and limited access to floor or building. For more in-depth look at security at U-Haul, read our Security Features at U-Haul Resource Guide.

  • Do you have any resources for first-time storage renters?

    As the leaders in moving and storage, of course we do!

    For more tips, visit our Storage Tips Section for comprehensive How-To Guides and more!

  • What type of carts are available during move-in?

    We offer moving carts and mattress carts at our storage facilities. They are free to use for all customers. Courtesy carts are located at the loading docks for each facility. We ask that customers return carts upon using them so that all customers can enjoy this benefit.

  • What other items does U-Haul have available for customers during move-in?

    Customers can purchase moving boxes and packing supplies while they are moving into their storage facility. All our U-Haul owned and managed storage facilities offer moving boxes, tape, covers/bags, and more to purchase on premise. For locations that are remote, please visit the customer service office nearby for additional items. You can also order products online for pick up or ship them home.

  • What is a climate-controlled storage unit or facility?

    Climate-controlled storage facilities are facilities where temperate and humidity is managed within the building. That means, that the temperature within the facility is anywhere between 65 to 85 degrees depending on the time of the year. That means your items don’t get exposed to changes in temperature and humidity outside,which can cause damage to your items should they be in storage long-term.

    Not sure if a climate control storage unit is right for you? Learn more about climate control facilities and review our climate-control checklist.

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