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U-Haul® offers international moving and storage to almost any port in the world with U-Box® storage containers.

International U-Box® Quote
Destination (Overseas shipments only) Destination (Overseas shipments only)

Moving between Canada and the U.S.?
Get an instant quote today!

Moving between Canada and the U.S.?
Get an instant quote today!

Before and After You Reserve

Before and After You Reserve

Our U-Box® international team will give you step-by-step guidance to ensure your international move goes smoothly. All of our ocean carriers have years of experience and vast amount of knowledge in international cargo shipping ensuring your belongings arrive safely.

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    • Not sure how many containers you'll need? Use our estimator to see how many you'll need!
    • We'll include the cost of delivering your U-Box container(s) to your current home in your quote. Delivery method varies depending on availability in your area.
    • Moving between the United States and Canada? No need to get an international quote - you can get your quote and reserve online
    • Not leaving for your new country right away? No problem! We can store your containers at a secure U-Haul facility until you are ready to have them shipped. Standard transit times are between 5-10 weeks depending on the origin and destination.
    • Don't want to lift a finger? Hire Moving Help to pack your containers for you!
    • We can refer you to a port agent in your new country. They can guide you through customs at both your origin and destination ports, as well as help you arrange transportation from the port to your new home.
    • Our U-Box international moving team provides you with all the customs documents necessary to import your belongings into any port in the world.
    • We ship your U-Box containers to align with your travel itinerary.

Additional questions? Contact a U-Box International coordinator directly at info@ubox.com

How it Works

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    Fill out the international quote form. We'll build your custom quote and promptly email it when finished.

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    Once you accept your quote, our international team will personally work with you to plan your international move. We'll help you fill out all necessary documentation needed for international shipping and customs clearance.

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    Load your U-Box container once it has been delivered to your home. Be sure to fill out your inventory list as you go.

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    You arrange transportation from the port to your new home. We can refer you to a port agent in your new country.

U-Box® International Moving Container Advantages

Couple loading boxes into a UBox on a trailer
  • Each customer uses their own lock and key for maximum security and protection. U-Box containers are not shared or divided between customers.
  • Furniture pads are included in every U-Box container to cushion items and keep them from shifting during transportation.
  • U-Box containers are made from breathable plywood and shipped in weatherproof containers to prevent mold and mildew.
  • The cost of delivery to your current home is included in your quote.
  • We'll deliver U-Box containers to you so you can load on your own schedule.
  • An in-home estimate to inspect your belongings is not necessary in order to provide you with a quote.
  • You can store your U-Box containers at your home or at a U-Haul location until you are ready to ship internationally.
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  • Containers are not charged by weight - you can load up to 2000lbs per container worry-free.
  • Reserve as many U-Box containers you need and only pay to ship the containers you use.
  • Protect against unexpected accidents with affordable and flexible insurance U-Haul offers.
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