Tips for Packing Electronic Devices

Jan 25, 2014

Packing electronic devices can be a cumbersome burden, especially if you didn’t hook up the device in the first place.  Don’t let this tedious task get you down though! Try these tips for packing electronic devices to make the disconnect and reconnect process much easier.

What you will need before you start:

Here are the items you need for packing electronic devices

  • Instruction manuals for all devices (if you still have them)
  • Small round color-coded labels
  • Marker
  • Twist ties or zip ties
  • Ziploc bags
  • Double-walled box
  • Packing peanuts or bubble wrap (Make sure they’re anti-static!)
  • Moving pads (Blankets and pillows work also.)
  • Packing tape
  • Paper and pen  

Steps for Packing Electronic Devices:

1. Take a picture of the installation before you start unplugging everything from the wall. This way, if you get interrupted, you will have a visual to reference.

2.  Refer to the instruction manual for special storage information and specific disconnecting instructions. As long as you have the product name and model number, you can always search the internet to find these instructions if you no longer have them.

3.     Be sure the device is turned off and has had time to cool.

4.     If your device is plugged into a power strip, unplug the power strip from the wall and remove the device plug from the power strip or power source.

5.     Use colored labels to label the cords associated with each device. Writing numbers on the label will also help! Write down any special instructions for yourself to help you hook it up again. Refer to the key below:

Chart for Packing Electronics

6.   After labeling the cords, roll them up and twist-tie them together. Place the cord bundle into a Ziploc bag. Label the bag (i.e. DVD power cord, DVD cord to cable, etc.)  Use multiple zip-lock bags if needed.  Be sure to wrap any remotes or accessories with bubble wrap before placing them in Ziploc bags to make sure they do not get damaged.

Here are tips on packing electronic devices

7.     Place the electronic device into the box.  You can purchase specialty boxes for electronics, TV and flat screen TV kits.  The right-size box will help ensure that your devices are protected.  If you don’t have one of these specialty boxes, make sure the box you use is double-walled and is at least 2-3 inches larger than the device you are packing.  Wrap the device with anti-static bubble wrap.

8.     Fill the bottom of the box with a layer of packing peanuts before placing the device into the box. Make sure they are bubble-wrapped, then place the Ziploc bags containing cords or attachments on top of the device.  Add a layer of packing peanuts on top of the Ziploc bags and along the walls of the box.  Place any notes you may have on top of the packing peanuts and securely close the box with durable packing tape.

10.  When labeling the box, include the contents and what room the box belongs to. Label the sides and top as fragile then draw arrows on the sides of the box indicating which side is up.

Remember to be safe and ask for help when lifting heavy items. Now you can move your belongings at ease knowing that your electronic devices are protected and safe.

Do you have any tips for packing up electronics? Let us know below!


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