Making a Cardboard Easter Basket

Hunting for Easter Eggs doesn’t have to be the only exciting activity you do on Easter. Grab those leftover moving boxes and make a cardboard Easter basket!

What you’ll need:

Step 1: Using a boxcutter, cut boxes into four separate pieces of cardboard.

Step 2: “Wear” the cardboard by pushing it up against a table edge repeatedly. This will make it easier to work with. The end result should be 4 pieces of “worn” cardboard.

wearing cardboard

Step 3: Using the ruler and pencil, measure out 1 inch thick strips of cardboard and mark with pencil. Using the ruler and boxcutter, cut strips of cardboard starting from the top of the piece of cardboard to the bottom. The more strips you make, the bigger your basket.

Step 4: Take one strip of cardboard, and hot glue multiple strips to it to establish a starting point for your “weaving”.

weaving cardboard

Step 5: Use the strips and weave your cardboard. Remember to weave tightly to close up gaps.

Weaving cardboard

Step 6: Gather edges and bring up to form shape of basket. Hot glue more strips on edges to keep in place.

Gathering basketStep 7: Hot glue to close basket ends. Then start weaving in more strips to fill out the basket.

easter basket

Step 8: Use one more strip, hot glue the ends and create the basket handle.

Now you have a durable basket to use for Easter egg hunting. Throw in some packing peanuts as an extra cushion for your eggs. Dress up your basket with some decorative “grass” and go find those eggs! Happy Easter!

easter basket

What are some other fun crafts that you do for Easter? Share with us below!