Dealing With Moving Day Stress

Whether it’s a day to dread or to be excited about, all in all it is a bittersweet day, it’s moving day. It’s time to pack, rent a moving truck, load, unload, organize, clean, return apartment keys, etc. Thinking of everything as a whole can definitely seem very stressful. Although what are some tips you can do to avoid dealing with moving day stress? Let’s get started! Whether it’s a move that was planned months, weeks or even the day of, you can still make it as smooth as possible.

moving day
Even through a stressful moving day, smiles continue to shine.

First things first

To make moving day less stressful, the best route to go is to move all your belongings in one trip. It will be much easier and less of a hassle of loading and reloading. As soon as you know your estimated moving day, reserve your moving truck. So when moving day arrives, you will be able to have your truck ready to transport your belongings.

Finding moving help

Once you have reserved your moving truck, the next thing you can do is to find moving help. Whether it’s your friends or family, they are easily the first few to come to mind to plan for your upcoming move. However, if they are not available when the big day arrives, don’t worry, you can find your local Moving Help® online. Local movers in your departing city can help load, while other moving helpers can help unload at your new home. It’s a win-win situation.

Picking up the moving truck

On moving day, you want to make sure everything is arranged as far as who is picking up the truck, where your picking up, ride arrangements to/from rental location and your billing information is accurate.

Your rental location has a time set aside for you to pick up your moving truck and you want to make sure you are there a few minutes before pick up time. If you are running a bit late, don’t hesitate to contact your  pick up location so they know you are on  your way.


On moving day you want to have as much of your belongings packed, so when the moving truck arrives, the next thing to do is simply loading everything on the truck. When it comes to packing the moving truck, in my experience it always felt like playing a real life game of Tetris, all we needed was to add the theme song!

Here are a few tips on How to Load a Moving Truck. Once you arrive to your new home, unloading will seem the easiest. To make sure unloading is less stressful, based on the items in each box, you can simply label each box with the smart moving tape. On a personal note, this really did make unloading very smooth and we already knew which room each box went in simply because of the tape.

Mission complete

Everything is unloaded and in your new home. Next up is returning the rental truck. Make sure everything is emptied in the truck, such as double checking for any items you may have forgotten in the cargo area or anything left in the cab of the truck like empty water bottles. Also, do not forget to refuel the moving truck and return back to the same amount the truck was picked up. Here are a few things to expect when returning your moving truck.

Moving truck
A nearly empty moving truck is a pretty sight to see on moving day!

Now that the truck is returned and rooms are filled with boxes, it certainly is a bittersweet moment. Simply because all that is left is unpacking and starting the next life chapter at your new home. It’s a new place to begin many new memories with your loved ones, maybe it’s the final move from an apartment to a brand new home or your first apartment on your own, you’ve got through it and let happiness begin.

What are some ways you avoided dealing with moving day stress? How did you keep calm on moving day? Share in the comment section below.