Ask the Expert: What Goes Into a Moving Box? Part 1

When it comes to moving, U-Haul truly is the expert in the DIY moving field – what other company has a fully staffed, dedicated test lab to make sure that the customer gets the best product possible at the lowest cost? No other company that we know of, that’s for sure.

Moving Insider got a behind the scenes look at this test lab in Tempe, Ariz. when they were testing boxes from different retailers.  We know that all moving boxes aren’t created equal! When moving, there are three things to think about when considering overall price: box durability, usefulness and the environmental factors. In part one of three, we will look at the durability of a moving box:

Moving Box Durability

A box needs to be built not only to stand up to moving day this time around, but next time too. Investing in a higher quality box is especially important for long term storage. A poorly designed box can crush over time and the risk of damage is always right around the corner.

Stay tuned for the next installment where we will discuss box usefulness!

Have you had to make a decision about what boxes to buy? Ever buy a moving box that didn’t make the cut? Let us know in the comments below.