Business Storage And Shipping Solutions

Growing businesses can often overlook simple issues like how to ship or store items in a convenient and cost-effective way. Whether you are mailing products to customers, relocating employees or storing items, finding the right products and services at the lowest cost can be a challenge. Business accounts with moving and storage companies like U-Haul offer businesses cost-effective solutions when in need of anything from supplies to shipping and storage.

So, what should you look for choosing a moving and storage company to partner with?PharmRep_Storage-225

  • A one-stop shop where you can get all of the supplies needed such as boxes, locks, tie downs, bubble wrap, tape and markers.
  • The ability to order everything you need in one place, at bundled pricing.
  • Flexible delivery options allowing you to have items shipped directly to your door or pick them up at a local retail location.
  • A company that offers solutions for determining exactly what supplies and boxes you need, such as an interactive moving supply calculator, which allows you to input the home, home office and storage unit size to gauge how many boxes and supplies are recommended.
  • A company that can custom create a box to fit your needs. U-Haul, for instance, has the ability to design a box for items that do not fit into a standard box or that need extra protective packaging.
  • A 100% nationwide buy-back guarantee for any unused boxes. This provides your employees the ability to purchase as many boxes as they need to complete their move and to protect their possessions.
  • The option to store on site using storage containers.

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Business Storage And Shipping Solutions

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This post was written by Amanda Smith, a shipping specialist! If you have questions in regards to moving services for your business, she is your go-to woman!