Renting a Trailer for Craigslist Shopping

Bargain hunters know treasures don’t just fall in your lap. If you want something that’s good quality for a good price, you have to go looking for it. One place that only the brave dare look is Craiglist. While many people cringe at the name, don’t buy into the stigma! If you’re a smart shopper, digging around on Craigslist will yield some great finds. If you’re on Craigslist, then I’m willing to bet you’re looking for a deal. You’re probably also looking for the cheapest option to transport your finds.

Renting a trailer for Craigslist shopping may be your best bet to move that 200 lb. washer and dryer or that heavy-duty credenza. The tips below will help you shop Craigslist and give you tips for transporting large items with a trailer.

renting a trailer for craigslist finds

Don’t start your Craigslist search on Craigslist.

Using Google search will most likely give you better and more specific results. Before going on, do a site search. Search this term “ good condition coffee table”. This will give you links that take you straight to posts from sellers who have coffee tables in good condition. It’s also a way to avoid clicking through multiple pages within the Craigslist website to find that coffee table. It’s about being one of the first people to reach out to that seller. We all know Craigslist items are sold quickly.

Don’t sit and wait after finding something you’re interested in.

Be there and be first is the rule of thumb for Craigslist purchases. When you have found something that you like or are even slightly interested in, reach out to the seller as soon as possible. There’s a good chance that item will be sold if you decided to “sleep on it”. You’ll want to be the first or one of the first people to talk to the seller.

Look out for spam, ads and fake sellers.

Keep in mind the Craigslist site isn’t heavily regulated. This means the site can become a playground for spam, unwanted ads, and untrustworthy sellers. When reading a Craigslist post, if it sounds suspicious, it’s best to pass on reaching out to that “seller”.

Be a safe shopper.  

We hear stories of Craigslist scams every once in a while where the seller sold someone a broken laptop or fake tickets. Although this does happen, there are some ways to avoid this happening to you. Do your research. If you’re shopping for a laptop, make sure you fully inspect and test to make sure it’s working before parting ways with the seller.

Rent a trailer and pick up protective supplies.

Rent a trailer for large appliances or large furniture. To avoid items inside the trailer from shifting around, pick up a rope to tie down equipment. Furniture pads and mover’s wrap will also help protect items during the ride.

Tie down cargo and load heavier towards the front of the trailer.

U-Haul trailers come with D-rings or tie-down points. Use twine or rope to and loop through these rings to tie your Craigslist find down. This will ensure a smoother ride for your cargo during the drive.

Have you rented a trailer to move Craigslist finds before? Let us know some of your tips below!