College Senior To-Do List

May 13, 2016

college senior tips

If you’re entering your senior year of college, there’s a certain number of things to think about ahead of graduation and moving out. Preparing for the working world, living on your own and having no built-in vacation time are not easy transitions to make, so it’s best to face the senior year with an attitude that’s anti-procrastination and pro-success! Follow these tips for what to spend your time doing as a college senior.

college senior tipsPerfect your resume

Perhaps you’re working part-time jobs or internships while juggling schoolwork. It’s just as important to set aside time to craft your resume to perfection. For many, the job search is an exhausting one, but it will help if you practice writing out cover letters and tweaking your resume as you garner experience throughout your last year of college.

college senior tipsApply for jobs

The early applicant gets the job! Because a tidal wave of college seniors will be entering the flood of job applications along with yours, it’s crucial to be aware of your time frame. Depending on your major, you may want to start applying anywhere from December to April. May is when most college seniors graduate, but many are still looking for positions throughout the month. As you submit applications and send out emails looking for a job, keep track of your applications in a spreadsheet or document, marking the date of submission, job title, and company. It will help you stay organized in a busy time!

college senior tipsPrep for the interview process

Once you’ve conquered a few interviews, you’ll know the routine when responding to questions like “What makes you the best candidate for this position?” and “Could you please walk me through your resume?” The initial interviews might be intimidating, but if you’re prepared to talk about your accomplishments, your interest in the position and what you know about the company (come with questions for the interviewer, too!), you will have a smooth interview–and possibly a follow-up one! Practice your interviews with a close friend or family member and keep the channel for feedback open.

college senior tipsCollege senior move-out

Planning ahead for the job hunt should also be applied to the move-out process as a college senior. You’ve accumulated a lot of items over the last four years, so it’s likely you will need certain supplies for moving out. Load up on boxes and a utility dolly to rescue your muscles and back on moving day. Scheduling a moving truck, van or trailer to haul your boxes and furniture on college move-out day will save you time and effort. If you have extra items you’re not sure where to keep, rent out a storage unit–or, if you’re traveling before the “real world” starts, consider enlisting the help of portable storage until you know where and when you need your things again.

college senior tipsFind a new apartment

Moving out of your college living space might mean moving back into your parents’ house for the time period between graduation and starting your new job. If you applied for jobs early and found one that’s a great fit, the next step is looking for a new apartment (and potentially a new roommate). Moving to a new apartment is a big change, but if you plan ahead and remember your college dorm move-ins and move-outs, it will go without a hitch. Pack and label your boxes with room-specified tape so when you arrive at your new place, you’ll know exactly where each box goes. Even as a college senior, thinking ahead will benefit you in the long run; reserving a moving truck or cargo trailer, installing a hitch on your vehicle and packing up your boxes early are steps that will help your new moving process go smoothly.

Entering your final year of college is many things–exciting, frightening, exhausting, motivating–but one thing it won’t be is stressful if you keep a post-graduation mindset and plan ahead!

Do you have any tips for a college senior to-do list before graduation? Let us know in the comments below!


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