Tips When Loading a U-Haul Truck

Dec 14, 2016


When embarking on a move, the excitement can make you want to just pack what you can – and go! Taking the extra time to plan it out will ensure you have a smooth moving experience. When loading a U-Haul truck, you want to be careful where you place things to keep your belongings as safe as possible.  Here are some tips for loading a U-Haul truck on moving day:

Fragile Items First

Whether you require a 10′ moving truck, or even up to a 26′ moving truck, the process of what you will load first in your moving truck will be about the same. One difference for U-Haul truck sizes 15′ and up is you will want to begin with loading your fragile items first into Mom’s Attic®. This is a useful compartment that rests above the cab of the truck, where your fragile items are elevated safely above your heavier items. When you use this space for those fragile belongings, you should tie this section off so your items stay in place. After this area is full, you can then move on to heavy and bulky appliances.



Ensuring all of these hefty items are positioned to the front of your truck (nearest to the cab) provides
the capability to tie down these appliances to the front and side walls. Some of these appliances include:

  • Refrigerator
  • Washing Machine/Dryer
  • Oven/Stove

Keep in mind that using tiers or cells is a great way to section off your truck before continuing, and maximize your usable space.

Larger Furniture

Once you’ve established a sturdy set-up of appliances in the front of your truck, it is time to move on to your secondary large items to begin filling and closing off your tier. This is where your furniture comes
furniture22into play. As well as the appliances mentioned earlier, these too will require special placement.

Secondary furniture items include:

  • Cabinets
  • Wardrobes
  • Recliners
  • Sofas/Couches
  • Bed Frames
  • Dressers

Consider wrapping your items in furniture pads to preserve their quality. Also, wrapping cabinets or dressers with mover’s wrap is an easy solution to keep drawers/doors closed in transit. Don’t be afraid to fill drawers with light items like sheets, towels, and rugs. This is the perfect opportunity to look for smaller items to fit inside of others! Loading a U-Haul truck this way makes certain that you use every bit of space.

Smaller Furniture

Next comes your smaller furniture. You will be able small-furniture22

to stack these items around the ones you have already loaded and get creative with your composition. For instance, placing furniture upright is a great way to save space! Again, be sure to tie off each cell to keep items in place.

Smaller furniture possessions usually include:

  • Nightstands
  • Table/Chairs
  • Mirrors
  • Paintings/Wall decor
  • End tables
  • Ottomans


You’ve probably guessed it already, but this is where all of your boxes and miscellaneous belongings come in. Within each tier, you should be able to fit these in around your other possessions. Following the trend, heavy boxes will be what you load first. Be sure to keep the heavier boxes on the bottom. Next, move onto the lighter boxes. Take advantage of our moving supplies and various moving boxes to aid you in packing.

boxes2Using the Right Box

Certain household items can be uniquely shaped and are a better fit in one of our specialty boxes. Whether you are a sports lover or have an abundance of dish sets – we have you covered! Take a look at some of these special boxes and how they can help you below:

Last But Not Least

After you’ve gotten the last of your boxes in your first tier, ensure everything is stable. You will then want to repeat this process as you move along to the back of your truck, tying and closing off the next cells/tiers as you go. Each tier should have large, medium, and small items within. You really want your furniture load to look and feel like it is secure inside of the truck. Following these steps, you are guaranteed to drive off to your new destination with confidence!

Bonus Tip

When reserving your moving truck, using U-Haul Truck Share will speed up the process! This 24/7 self-service program features Self-Pick-Up and Self-Return options, meaning that your equipment waits on you and only you. If you’ve already made your reservation, it’s not too late! It can easily be converted into a Self-Pick-Up rental.

What techniques have you used while loading a U-Haul truck? Tell us in the comments below!

UPDATED: November 2, 2017, to incorporate U-Haul Truck Share 24/7


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