Top 10 Scenic Bike Trails

Aug 24, 2018

There are many ways to get out and explore the world. A fun way to do this is by loading up your bikes on a bike rack and taking a ride on a scenic bike trail.  A bike rack can allow you to take your cycling gear easily and safely wherever you go, by attaching it to your vehicle via trailer hitch, all year round. A trailer hitch is a component added to your vehicle that enables towing capabilities.

There are various trails that new or experienced bicyclists can conquer. Try our top ten favorite scenic bike routes in no particular order that can be found in North America:

Two men can be seen looking at the horizon on a scene bike trail

#1: McKenzie River Trail, Bend, OR

Don’t forget to pack a camera and bathing suit for this popular 25-mile scenic bike trail in North America. Along with that, one can expect to come across countless photo opportunities. When you need a break from riding or taking photos, relax at Tamolitch Falls which can be found along this trail.

#2: Great Lakes Waterfront Trail, Canada

The Waterfront Trail is a scenic bike trail that stretches over 3000 km. Since this route is so large, there are many places for bicyclists to start and end. While on this ride, bicyclists can enjoy various views of different water masses including Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Simcoe, Georgian Bay, Lake Nipissing, the Ottawa River, and the St. Lawrence River.

#3: Highway One, Big Sur, CA

Scenic Bike Trail Sunset

Highway One is recommended for experienced bicyclists because of the various terrains one will encounter.  Breathe the ocean air on this stretch of over 100 miles with views of the California Coast from Carmel, CA all the way to Cambridge, CA.

#4: Viking Trail, Newfoundland, CA

Summertime is the best time for the multiday Viking Trail. This scenic bike trail runs along the coast of Newfoundland as well as through the Gros Morne National Park. Within the National park, bicyclists can expect to see rock formations, seabirds, moose, caribou, and marine life.

#5: Flume Trail, Lake Tahoe, NV

If you’re looking for a challenging scenic bike trail, then Flume Trail is the perfect choice for you. With 14 miles, climbing over 1,000 ft. within the first 4, we promise you will break a sweat. This path overlooks Marlette Lake and Lake Tahoe so there is a lot of beauty to soak in.

#6: Confederation Trail, PEI, CA

This trail is great for beginners and is found on Prince Edward Island. This route is perfect for new cyclists and families because it is a relatively flat scenic bike trail. So, you’ll want a bike rack such as the Allen Sports Premier 5 Bike Rack to carry all your bikes here. The trail was built on abandoned railway beds and has views of the woods, coast, and hillsides. These sceneries give opportunities to snap the perfect photo to send to your friends.

Two men prepare to bike along a scene bike trail

#7: Hiline Trail, Sedona, AZ

This 8-mile roundtrip scenic bike trail gives bicyclists an outstanding view of the Sedona red rock as well as the iconic Bell Rock. It is the perfect trail no matter the season but if you plan on biking it in the summer don’t forget to bring plenty of water!

#8: Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia, CA

Nova Scotia’s Cabot Trail offers bicyclists the perfect workout because of its many hills. This bike ride can take various days if one wants to complete the whole thing or a rider can do sections of it at their own pace. Off of the path, bicyclists can expect to see forests, ocean, and vistas.

#9: Tram Road, Everglades National Park, Miami, FL

If seeing wildlife on your bike ride sounds fun to you, then Tram Road is a perfect choice because there is always plenty to see. Along with this 15-mile roundtrip trail, bicyclists can expect to see various animals. These animals include herons, egrets, deer, turtles, snail kites and especially alligators. Just make sure to stay safe by keeping your distance!

#10: Blueberry Trail, Northern Quebec, CA

Called Blueberry Trail, just for fun, there are actually blueberries grown and farmed around this area and bike path. The trail spans 256 km and is one of the easier trails in Canada due to it being relatively flat and paved. From this trail, bicyclists will have views of beaches and woodlands.

Plan Your Next Scenic Bike Trail Trip

Scenic bike trails can be found across North America; making your next biking trip filled with potential. So, next time you decide to go for a bike ride, use one of our hitches to get your bike to one of these breathtaking bike trails so you can enjoy the world’s natural beauty while staying active. Or, go out and look for your own scenic bike trail and let us know what you find along the way.


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