Safe Camping with a Portable Fire Ring

The increasing number of forest fires has forced many camp grounds to restrict the usage of wood fires. However, outdoor enthusiast don’t have to miss out on the warmth, light and utility of a controlled flame. Compact and convenient, safe camping with a portable fire ring allows you to enjoy the outdoors while being ‘forest-fire friendly’.

The Camp Fire Chef Fire Ring is designed with portability and speed in mind. With features like matchless ignition for hassle-free lighting and smokeless, propane fueled flame you won’t have to bother packing matches or wood ever again.

family roasting s'more around fire ring with propane

The Chef Camp Fire ring is suitable for a variety of outdoor activities from camping to relaxing on the patio

Safely Transporting Propane

Before heading out on your next adventure there are a few things to keep in mind when transporting propane. Whether you’re purchasing a new propane tank or refilling your favorite grilling tank here are a few things to consider. Please adhere to the following propane regulations for the safe transportation of your propane tank.

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