5 Resources for Finding a Self-Storage Facility Near You

Self-Storage FacilityYou’ve decided you need more storage and there’s no way around it. To find the best self-storage facility in your area, you have a few options. You could drive around until you find a storage location close by, but you won’t be sure of the quality. You could ask your friends where they store their belongings, but you don’t know if you have the same needs. Or, you can make an informed decision after checking out the online resources listed below.

1. Directory and search: (Google, Yahoo, Dexknows)

One quick and easy way to see a list of all the self-storage facilities in your area is to use an online directory or a simple search. Go to your favorite search engine website and type self-storage followed by your zip code. You will be given results that are relevant to your location this way, and many search engines will even show you the closest locations on a map. Just be sure to complete your due diligence with any self-storage facility by reading ratings and reviews and asking questions up front. While location is an important factor, so is cleanliness, safety, and quality of service. All of these things should be considered.

self-storage facility
This is just one type of storage available. Photo: Scott Meyers self storage investing via Flickr cc.

2. Go straight to the company:

If you already know which company you’d like to use for your storage, then you can get in touch with them directly. For example, uhaul.com helps you locate the closest self-storage facility in your area and allows you to narrow down your results by those that are climate-controlled (do you need climate controlled storage?), provide 24-hour access, drive-up facilities, or by facilities specifically for RV or boat storage. You can even see results from third-party storage providers.

3. Craigslist.org:

These days, you can search for just about anything you could ever need on Craigslist, from furniture to friendships. Craigslist is not as popular of an option for self storage, and as such, you may have trouble finding exactly what you’re looking for.  But, if you are looking for a deal, have flexible needs, and are willing to spend some time looking for the right storage center, then this may be a good option for you. To see self storage facilities in your area, type the following into your web browser:

(your city).craigslist.org/prk/       (for example, phoenix.craigslist.org/prk/)

This will take you to the parking and storage section of Craigslist for your city. Because they are lumped into one category on the site, you should try to narrow down your search by adding terms in the search box like “climate- controlled storage” or “downtown storage”.

4. Storage-specific search engine:

self-storage facilityThere are storage-specific search engines whose sole purpose is to help locate self-storage in your area.  For example, on the eMove website you can search for a self-storage location on the home page.  You can even filter locations by those that offer  climate controlled storage, storage for RVs and boats, and even wine storage.  Many of the storage providers offer deals on this site to encourage customers to choose their self-storage facility.  Just be sure to take the time to read the reviews for each storage location before making a selection.

5. Bring the storage to you:

If you are concerned about finding a quality self-storage facility in a convenient location, perhaps it’s time to consider having the storage come to you. Portable self- storage units are shipped empty to your home, and once you have filled the container, it will be picked up by the company and stored in one of their facilities. You can opt for conveniently located and easily accessible storage  facility for items you may need to access during the storage period, or have your portable storage placed in the secure warehouse usually owned and operated by the same company.

What is your favorite resource for finding self- storage? Tell us below in the comment’s section.

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