Essential Items for Driving a Moving Truck

Essential Items for Driving a Moving Truck

A dream, a destination, the open road and a moving truck. You’re behind the wheel on your way to your new home with all of your belongings when you remember you forgot some vital things. Do you drive back? Do you find the nearest store? Here are some essential items for driving a moving truck.

Stop the Texts Stop the WrecksSafety

The most important task to keep in mind is safety. Driving for hours on end can be a daunting (and boring) task. Keeping yourself entertained is important, but not as important as keeping yourself (and others on the road) safe. When moving to a different state, stay up-to-date on distracted driving laws. Driving while distracted is dangerous. Make sure to not use any electronic devices if you’re behind the wheel. Don’t forget that there are three types of distracted driving, but there’s always a way to avoid all.

Electronical DevicesElectronics

Keep in mind that having a fully charged cell phone, a portable car charger, and extra batteries will come in handy if you need to get in contact with family, friends, businesses or even police when driving. You may even want to use your phone as a GPS guide and using Internet on your mobile device will quickly eat up your battery. Invest in a GPS system (or in a handheld map) to track your move before you hit the road ensuring that you haven’t accidentally typed in the wrong address.

A lonely drive won’t be fun for anyone in the truck. Bring along portable music players, tablets, CD’s, and an auxiliary cord to listen to your favorite playlists while you drive to your destination. Some truck rentals come pre-equipped with satellite radio and can help cure your music boredom when making that long haul. If traveling with kids, consider bringing a DVD player or extra tablet for them to use.


Hunger will start kicking in after a few moments on the road and to avoid spending money or time at gas stations along the way you can pre-pack healthier options. Consider packing fruits, nuts, yogurt, vegetables, pudding, gelatin and other healthy snack foods. Treat yourself to some candy to brighten up your drive, but make sure to pack a well-balanced meal (sandwiches, salads in jars, burritos, drinkable soups, etc.). Pick low sodium foods, and make sure to keep the food at a healthy temperature as well as packing the food in plastic bags to avoid crumbs. Don’t forget utensils if your foods require one.


Maintaining yourself hydrated is a vital step to take when driving, especially when driving during warm seasons or during for long periods of time. Keep a small cooler filled with water bottles, juices, smoothies and other drinks to keep all your passengers (and the driver) hydrated. Avoid sodas or drinks with high sugar.


Other essentials needed for driving will depend on where you’re going and how the road will be like when you’re driving. If it’s projected to snow, make sure you have plenty of heavy clothing, blankets, gloves, closed-toed shoes, and warm foods. If it’s projected to be sunny, make sure you carry sunscreen, light clothing, and comfortable shoes. If it’s projected to be rainy, carry an umbrella, rain jacket, and rain boots. You’ll want to drive defensively in rough weather conditions.

Being prepared for any situation will help avoid stressful situations when driving. Moving is a time of new beginnings, but starting the adventure on a wrong foot can dampen your plans.

What essential items are on your list when driving a moving truck? Any tips or suggestions? Post your thoughts in the comments below!