Using a Pickup Truck for Moving

Moving with a pickup truck has many advantages.

From business use to home improvement projects, pickup trucks are used for a variety of different reasons. Using a U-Haul pick up truck for moving has many advantages:

Small Jobs
When it comes to moving, the size of your move will be the indicator of what size truck you will need to rent. If you have a small load job, you will want to consider renting a pickup truck. With the truck bed length being a little over eight feet and the width just over five feet, a pickup truck would be an ideal rental when you need to move a mattress. Pickup trucks will hold a full-size mattress flat in the bed and a queen-sized bed angled. When you only need to move a few items, a pickup truck would be a great choice for you.

Local Moves
Moving locally is another great reason to use a pickup truck. Similar to the former reason, pickup trucks are ideal for smaller jobs. When you’re moving locally, you can opt to complete your move in two or three trips. For larger pieces and to ensure your items are fully secure, add some rope or tie downs to your rental.

Students Moving to College
When students move to city college dorms or apartments, using a pickup truck for your move is another great option. Most dorms (and apartments for that matter) are equipped with furniture basics like the bed frame, mattress, dresser, desk, etc. Typically, the only items left to move are clothing, toiletries, other personal items, and maybe a mini-fridge. Additionally, pickup trucks can be used for moving when students move out of their dorms into nearby apartments.

There are plenty of reasons to use a pickup truck for moving needs. The features on the pickup truck are driver friendly with automatic transmission, fuel-efficient V-8, and even gentle ride suspension to be certain that your goods are moved safely across town. The pickup truck also offers a load capability of 1,500lbs+ for heavier item transportation. Reserve your pickup truck today!

How have you used a pickup truck for your move? What tips can you offer for anyone considering a pickup truck rental?