4 Gifts for your Hitch


Taking a trip cross country? Or are you towing your tailgating gear to the game? Whatever it is, there’s no doubt that the hitch plays a vital role in towing your belongings from one point to the other. Fortunately, there are some accessories that can better your hitching experience.

1. Extend your hitch ball life with some hitch ball and receiver lube! This will guarantee smooth sailing by reducing noise, wear and corrosion.

Hitch Ball and Receiver Lube

2. Extra protection is always a good thing. Try this hitch ball cover to keep you covered whether you’re towing a small or large trailer.

Hitch Ball Cover

3. If your ball mount hole is slightly too big, then a Reducer Bushing Set is the thing for you!  It reduces the hole size by 1/4″.

Reducer Bushing Kit

4. The max towing capacity for this next accessory is 8,000 lbs.  Imagine the things you can move under 8,000 lbs! It’s versatile and perfect for the person who plans on towing different types and sizes of trailer.

Select-A-Ball Kit
1″ x 2-3/8″ Shank

Also remember that hitch balls come in different sizes with bigger or small diameter shanks. Take care of that trusty hitch and reward it with some of the hitch accessories above and have a smooth journey. Afterall, it is responsible for those fun tailgating and trailer tales.

Have you used any of the accessories above?  Tell us about your hitching experience in the comment below.