Moving to Philadelphia

Moving To Philadelphia

If you are moving to Philadelphia, aka “The city of brotherly love,” “Philly” or the “Birthplace of America,” then you are in for an exciting new life full of art, culture and delicious cuisine! You will be living in a city with historical significance, great sports and  nightlife.  Philly is a destination location for many tourists, business travelers, and students. Consider this when you move to Philadelphia. You will need to plan for parking and events that may cause streets to be closed or heavy traffic, especially if you’ll be driving a moving truck.

Where to live in Philly

If you plan on living in the city, establish a list of criteria to determine which neighborhood is best for you.  Consider price, commute, public transportation, nightlife, shopping and your lifestyle.  If you have no connection to the suburbs or Jersey, you really don’t need a car.  Parking is expensive and limited. Plus, Philadelphia is rated as the 5th most walkable city in the U.S, according to, with University City and Center City East and West as the most walkable neighborhoods.  This is one of the most important decisions, it can make or break your experience in Philadelphia, so take your time.


Many of the housing and apartment buildings in Philadelphia have limited storage space.  If this is a concern, there are plenty of self-storage locations in Philadelphia, although make sure you reserve a unit as soon as possible.  Philadelphia is the home to several colleges and universities so smaller storage units are popular and get filled up quickly.

Tips for your Move to Philadelphia

The move itself, will take some coordination and planning.  We stopped by the U-Haul Moving and Storage location of South Philadelphia to get some insider tips on moving to Philadelphia.  Here is what we learned from General Manager, Rob Malloy.

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