How To Pack Your Dishware

packing your dishware

Making sure that your dishes make it to your new home in one piece can be a feat. Here are some tips on how to pack your dishware like a pro:

dishsaver kitDish Saver Kit

If you need a box to strategically place all your bowls, plates and saucers, the dish saver kit is ideal. With the dish saver kit you can wrap your dishware and place them in one of the five dividers inside the box. This makes it easier for you to pack the dishes and unpack them at your new home in an organized fashion.

Extra Protection

Nothing protects your dishware better than foam. When packing your plates, you can carefully place them in cushion foam pouches to prevent scratches and chips. For your other silverware and bowls, you can also use regular cushion foam or packing paper as a divider between items or as protection around it. If you don’t have foam you can also use old newspaper or magazines, but note that you won’t have as much protection. With any of these protective materials, remember to wrap the glass with protective material and stuff it inside the glass as well.cell kit

Dish Barrel Box

This box is specially designed with double-walls to protect items like your wedding china and or your favorite mosaic vase. To prevent your glasses from moving around inside the dish barrel box, make sure to get a cell kit to hold them individually in place. If you feel that you need extra protection for your glasses, wrap them in foam or protective paper before placing them inside the cell kit.

When placing your packed up dishes in the moving truck or van don’t forget to put those boxes on top of your heavy cargo; you don’t want that great packing to go to waste! For more tips on how to pack your dishes swiftly and carefully check this video tutorial.

Do you have any tips on how to pack your dishware?