Iowa Distracted Driving Laws

Iowa Distracted Driving Laws

According to the Iowa Department of Transportation, an average of 400 people die in motor vehicle crashes each year! Driving distracted is the riskiest driving behavior that is responsible for many of these losses. Gain a better understanding of distracted driving laws in The Hawkeye State and do your part to just drive while behind the wheel!

Phone Calls While Driving

New drivers take note: Any type of cell phone use is banned in the state of Iowa. This means taking calls on your handheld and hands-free phone calls or sending and receiving text messages. For seasoned drivers, there aren’t currently any distracted driving laws in place to prevent the receiving or making phone calls. Just because there aren’t laws in place to ban the use of phone calls, remember that it’s still distracting. You should do your best to limit yourself to using your handheld cell phone for phone calls. Take advantage of Bluetooth or hands-free devices if you have to take phone calls while driving.

Texting While Driving

In 2011, Iowa became the 21st state to impose distracted driving laws for texting while driving (DMV). For all drivers, this prohibits reading, writing, or sending a text message while behind the wheel. However, this is a secondary offense meaning you’re only ticketed if you’re pulled over for another offense. The fines for texting while driving are as follows:

  • $30 for texting while driving
  • $1,000 for causing a serious accident from texting while driving

Although these fines are minimum, keep in mind the severity of texting while driving! If you text while driving, you’re putting everyone in the community at risk! Is sending a text message while driving worth losing a limb or losing lives?

Iowa Attorney General, Tom Miller explains more about the dangers of distracted driving:

Whether you’re driving on a cross-country move or to work, it’s important to do your part to increase driving safety and reduce distracted driving. Check out these sites for additional tips, facts, and stories: