What’s Included In My Trailer Rental?

What's Included In My Trailer Rental?Are you new to do-it-yourself moving? If so, knowing what is included in your trailer rental and the extra items you might need is important to having a successful DIY move. Trailers are a popular moving option, as you can be in the comfort of your own car while towing your belongings. The first step in renting a trailer is deciding on the right size trailer and then checking if your tow vehicle is equipped with everything you need.

What's Included In My Trailer Rental?Size and Type

Determining the appropriate size and type of trailer you need should be your first step in your move. U-Haul offers multiple size trailers for all types of moves, with cargo and utility options available. Cargo trailers are lightweight and can be used with many vehicles, which makes this a go-to option for light moving. Utility trailers are uncovered, which makes them useful when moving large items such as building supplies. If you are moving a car, there are also options for car trailers such as tow dolliesauto transports, and motorcycle trailers. You can check if your vehicle is able to tow the trailer you need during the reservation process, and find your rates based on the amount of time you will need your trailer. Moving truckloads of items with a car is made possible with these various trailer options.

What’s Not Included?Trailer Rental

The main difference between truck rentals and trailer rentals is you need a hitch on your vehicle if you want to tow your belongings. After determining the size and type of trailer you want to rent, you should shop for a trailer hitch to have your vehicle ready to go on moving day (click the Select-A-Hitch Guide to the right to enlarge). Entering the year, make, and model of your car can direct you to the type of hitch you need on your vehicle, and how you can schedule to have a hitch installed at a nearby U-Haul location. Other items you may need for your move include:

Moving Supplies: boxes, tape, tie-downs, dollies, etc.

Moving Help: in case you need extra assistance in your move

Protective Materials: useful for protecting furniture and appliances during a move, especially with uncovered trailers

With your hitch installed and your reservation booked, you will be on your way to moving in no time!

How was your trailer rental process? Do you have any tips for future trailer renters? Let us know in the comments below!