Moving Back in with Parents

Moving Back in with ParentsMaybe you just graduated college and you’re still working out your plan. Maybe that current living situation just didn’t work out. Maybe it’s time to move back to your hometown…These tips can help when it comes to moving back in with parents.

Set Ground Rules

  • What do you expect?
  • What do your parents expect?
  • Do you pay rent? Or is it just like before?

It’s important that you discuss these questions with your parents prior to moving in. While you might not feel comfortable or you think it’s no problem, you have to remember that after you moved out your parents likely made adjustments and life back in their home won’t necessarily be the same. So, be upfront about what each party wants and you will avoid problems in the future.

Create a Time Frame

No one likes a guest who over stays their welcome. Prior to moving back in with parents, discuss a time frame with them. Let them know how long you think you’ll need to stay there and see if this works for them. Regardless of what you agree on, make sure you respect the time frame agreed on.

This time frame will also benefit you financially. Set a savings goal along with your time frame. That way when the time comes to leave you parents home, you will be prepared.

Moving Back in With ParentsWhat to Bring

  • Are you bringing everything?
  • How’re you getting it there?

If you’re a college student, use Collegeboxes to get everything shipped to your house. If you were living in an apartment before heading back home, it’s likely you have furniture that you can’t store in your parent’s home. You can rent a self storage unit and store furniture and other belongings for future use. Buying new furniture can get expensive and this is probably not something you want to spend money on when you move back out of your parent’s house.

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