Living in Brooklyn

You did it! You finally made the move to New York City and even better you moved to Brooklyn! While you can pick up a brochure and find a lovely list of places to visit and sites to see, the best way to get to know Brooklyn is as a local. These tips will help you do just that and ease the transition to living in Brooklyn.

What to doLiving in brooklyn

Yes, there’s the Brooklyn Bridge and the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, but if you’re living in Brooklyn you need to frequent the places that tourists don’t know about. Now, we all know living in Brooklyn is expensive, so do away with paid attractions! Every corner of this borough is full of history, culture, fashion, art and beauty. Enjoy the art and music that the streets feature and meet new people.

Take a walk and discover that whole-in-the-wall coffee shop that you’ll soon call your second home. And, remember to try new food! Brooklyn is home to many people from different cultures and the food reflects this. During the night time you can watch live music or go to a local pub. If you’re looking for something different visit a bowling alley like The Gutter where you can bowl, drink, and listen to live music.

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Living in BrooklynGetting around

If you’ve seen any movies about New York City, you’ve noticed the small streets and traffic. This makes getting around in a car hectic and parking expensive. Your best options for getting around are the subway, walking, bikes, cabs or other alternative forms of transportation. Don’t fear not having a car in Brooklyn, you’ll see more of the borough the less you’re in cars.


While the average temperature sits at a comfortable 55°F, you can count on seeing snow, rain and sunshine throughout the year. During the summer it normally stays in the mid to high 70s, but don’t let that fool you. When the humidity comes around, temperatures can feel much higher.

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Are you a Brooklyn local? What tips can you share to people who recently moved there? Share in the comments below.