Cargo Van: Everything You Need to Know [VIDEO]

When renting a cargo van, are you using all the features provided? For example, a cargo van can fit a queen-size mattress. It also provides renters with tie-down rings to secure belongings more efficiently. For the best moving experience, make sure you are informed of all cargo van features.

Uses for Cargo Vans

Many people use cargo vans for small apartment moves, but there are other uses! Making small deliveries and moving to college are two others. Often times, people choose a cargo van over a moving truck because they are transporting smaller loads. For those short trips, consider renting one. A cargo van rental is a great low-cost solution for both businesses and individuals who need to transport items within city limits. Reserve online and find a location near you

Check out the video below and see all sides of the U-Haul Cargo Van, literally. 

*U-Haul has two models of cargo vans out. Your rental may not look like the van in the video below.

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