Storage in Sacramento

Storage in Sacramento, CASacramento, California is a popular moving destination and a wonderful place to live. Whether you are just moving to Sacramento, or are a long time resident, if you have more stuff than you have space, you may need some storage. These tips will help you get the storage that is right for you in Sacramento.

College Students

The Sacramento area is home to two large public universities, as well as several smaller schools. First you have Sacramento State in Sacramento. In nearby Davis, you have UC Davis. What this means is that there are a lot of students in the area. The busiest times to move things in or out of storage are back to school, and when school lets out for the summer. If you are planning to store over the summer, start moving things in or out a few weeks before or after these times. Smaller storage units will also go quickly near campus. If you are a student consider sharing a storage unit with one or more of your friends to be more cost effective. If you don’t have much stuff to store, then consider College Boxes. They can ship boxes to your door, then store them for as long as you need. For more college moving tips check out the U-Haul college moving resource.

Summer Heat

Sacramento has a pretty mild climate year round, however, the summers can get hotter than you might think. The President of U-Haul of Sacramento Chris Trudell advises people looking for storage particularly during those summer months to think about getting a climate controlled unit. If you have items sensitive to temperature change like antiques, heirlooms, electronics, candles or cosmetics, then a climate controlled storage unit will make sure they never get too hot or too cold.

Drive Up Storage Sacramento CaliforniaOutdoor Storage

There are a variety of storage options in Sacramento to meet your personal storage needs. Many locations offer drive up storage. This is a great option for getting all of that junk out of your garage. The drive up storage units are super easy to load and unload, which is perfect if you will need to take things in and out of storage frequently, such as bikes, lawn equipment, tools, etc.

For more tips for moving to or storing in Sacramento, take a look at the video below by Chris Turdell, President, U-Haul of Sacramento.

If you live in Sacramento, CA what do you store? What storage tips can you share? Let us know in the comments below.