How to Transform Loft Space

Maybe the kids have moved to college and now you’re left with some extra space. There are many uses for this additional area!. Depending on your personal needs, you can transform your loft space into an area you can enjoy like a home gym, office, or game room!

Office Space

Transform a Lofted Area into a Space You Can Use

Whether you work from home or just need an area to check your e-mails, an office space is important for some to have. You may want to add a large desk if you have an abundance of paper to organize. If you’re going to be sitting in your office for several hours a day, be sure you have a comfortable chair. Other important items to keep in mind for your lofts home office are:

  • Accessible outlets; you may need a few available for charging devices.
  • Include a bookshelf or filing cabinet for added storage.
  • Wall shelving is easy to install and is another great option for adding a convenient place to store office supplies.

Home Gym

Turn your loft into a home gym that you can take advantage of at your convenience. Start by picking your favorite cardio machine, possibly a treadmill or stationary bike. Add strength training equipment, such as a full rack of dumbbells. If you have access to a doorframe near your loft, setup a TRX that can be easily hooked to a doorway for full body strength training. This blog post can help you move your exercise equipment safely!

For entertainment while you exercise, install a flat screen television or hook up speakers for surround sound. There are several benefits to listening to music while you workout, including increasing endurance.

Loft SpaceGame Room

To turn the loft space of your new home into a game room the whole family can enjoy, start with the right electronics. A large flat screen television is a great addition because it doesn’t take up much space. Putting in surround sound can make watching movies and playing video games an exciting experience. Add shelves to stack board games. If you’re into more active home games, include a dart board and ping pong table.

Your loft space is one of the rooms in your home where you can get really creative with your furniture. In a game room, consider including a futon. Futons can sit upward like a sofa, or fold downward to act as a bed. This is a great option for a relaxing place to sit while playing games in your game room, while also having a space for guest to sleep.

If your loft’s game room is going to be utilized by mostly adults, the perfect finishing touch is to add a small bar in the corner with a high top table and two stools.

Don’t let your home’s loft space go to waste. Explore the many different ways you can transform your loft space into that dream room you’ve always wanted.

How have you transformed your loft space? Share it with us in the comment section below!

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