Selecting A Storage Facility: Superhero Edition

Selecting the right storage facility to store your belongings does not have to be a difficult task. While you’re searching for the best self-storage facility out there, think about it from a superhero’s perspective. What would they look for in a self-storage facility? The following criteria should help you decide what requirements are important to you when it comes time to find the perfect self-storage facility.

Selecting a Storage Facility: Superhero EditionLocation

Why this is important to Superman – Superman is looking for an alternative to the street corner telephone booth when suiting up. The Fortress of Solitude is just too far away. When he performs his search for a storage facility he is sure to choose one that is close to work. This way, when he hears a breaking story he can quickly reach the facility, change, and head off to save the day.

Now, I’m not suggesting you make your self-storage unit into a walk-in closet, but it is helpful to find a facility that is convenient for you. Check the distance to the facility from your home and even your place of work. Knowing how far your storage facility is helps ensure you won’t need to schedule an extra trip just to pick something up or drop something off. This helps make sure you can arrive at the facility within a short amount of time if you are visiting often.


Why this is important to Iron Man – Iron Man is in need of a place to store his past inventions in order to make room for new devices. Having a secure facility is important to him so no one can steal his ideas and use them for evil.

While you may not be storing top-secret inventions, security is an important feature to look for in a storage facility. Security gates and cameras help monitor who comes in and out of facilities to help ward off villains. An on-site manager is also a nice security feature because they know what is happening on the ground at all times.

Access hours

Why this is important to all superheros – Villains don’t hold 9-5 jobs! Saving the world is 24/7.

Make sure to know your self-storage’s access hours. Storage locations have various hours of operation; some offer 24 hour access, normal business hours access, or extended hour and weekend times. Make sure to check the hours you are able to access the unit and compare them to your lifestyle. You wouldn’t want to be out of luck if you need something from the unit in order to save the world.

Selecting a Storage Facility: Superhero EditionStorage facility types

Why this is important to Batman – Winter is on the way and Batman needs a place to store the batcycle before the bad weather arrives.

Know what type of self-storage units are offered at the facility. If you know what you are going to store you’ll have an easy time selecting the proper unit type. Many facilities offer indoor units as well as outdoor units that you can drive right up to in order to unload your items. Vehicle, boat and RV parking options are also common.

Unit features

Why this is important to Storm – While she may need to turn a sunny day into a blizzard, she doesn’t want it to effect her personal items. When Storm looks for a storage facility she wants it to be climate controlled. After all, she does understand the effects of extreme weather.

A facility that offers different unit features can accommodate your needs. Maybe you have something that needs to be in a climate controlled room, like Wonder Woman. Temperatures in a climate controlled unit are kept between 65 and 85 degrees.

When you perform your search for a self-storage facility, start by thinking about what you will be storing. This helps you determine the location and type of unit you need. After you place a reservation, don’t be shy, ask the manager if you can take a tour of the facility to ensure it fits your needs. While performing your search, ask yourself, is this storage facility fit for a superhero? If the answer is yes, then you are well on your way to renting from a top-notch storage location.