What to do on your Camping Trip

Let’s face it, at this point in the summer it’s getting to be too hot to stay in the city. So let’s get out and go camping! Here are some things to do on your next camping trip as you begin planning your next getaway:

what to do on your camping trip

what to do on your camping tripHiking

Get your hiking boots and walking sticks ready. Hiking is one of the simplest but most enjoyable activities to do outdoors as well as a great form of exercise. If you’re a more serious hiker you may pack a large camping backpack and carry all of your equipment into your campsite. There are also many campsites that allow you to park nearby so you can simply set up camp and explore the area as you please. As long as you bring sturdy shoes and enough water, hiking is an easy activity to add to any camping trip.


Fishing is one of those beautiful dual-purpose activities. First off, you get to enjoy the sometimes calming and sometimes exhilarating experience of casting your rod into a beautiful clear lake. Then, if you happen to catch a fish, you have the freshest dinner around just ready to grill. You can also go boast to your friends who decided not to join your awesome camping trip with the pride of your achievement.

what to do on your camping tripCooking

Sure, you could just pack up some sandwiches and be okay for maybe a night or two, but no camping trip is complete without true camping foods. And with so many options of what you can cook, why settle for anything but your favorites? Using propane powered portable grill or stove you can make anything from foil pouch meals, stove top recipes or even grill up that fish you just caught! Don’t forget to get a campfire or portable fire ring if you’re going to make s’mores for dessert!


There’s a reason there are so many gorgeous photos of trees, mountains, and sunsets over lakes. It’s because people go on camping trips to take these stunning photos! If you’re trying to catch the perfect lighting on your excursion, note that you’ll want to be up early and down late to see the sky and the rest of your surrounding change colors.

what to do on your camping tripCampfire Activities

Once you have your campfire or propane fire ring going, it’s time to do some campfire activities. Share scary stories, play guitar and jam out to your favorite tunes, pull out your deck of cards and start a game or simply get cozy and enjoy looking up at the stars. Whatever you do, just don’t forget to put out the fire when you’re done!

Swimming and Water Sports

Personally, this is my favorite camping activity. Unfortunately, many lakes do not allow people to get in the water so before diving into the water, make sure you’ve checked ahead of time. If this is something that you really want to do on your trip, there are many camping locations designed specifically around cliff diving and swimming. Be sure to keep your belongings away from the water unless in waterproof containers. You can also use this opportunity to tow your boat out to the lake and do some water skiing or other water sports!

what to do on your camping tripKayaking

For me, nothing is more freeing than being on or in the water. Whether you’re renting for the day or you have your own, bringing a kayak out to your campsite can completely change your camping experience. Feel free to bring your fishing gear with you and try to catch something while you’re out there, just make sure you stay balanced. If you have your own kayak, you can safely transport it to your favorite lake with a kayak carrier.

Mountain Biking

Why would you choose to just bike around your neighborhood when you could bring your bike up to the mountains and explore some trails! One of the nice things about biking compared to hiking is that you can cover more distance in a shorter period of time than with hiking, so if there’s a specific landmark you are dying to see, mountain biking is the perfect place to reach your destination.

What is your favorite camping activity? Share with us in the comments!