Skiing vs. Snowboarding

Every winter temperature drops, coats come out, and finally, a layer of snow covers the ground. Although snow is difficult to walk on, it has become a sport and recreational fun to glide over it. In fact, people climb or take gondola lifts up snow-capped mountains and descend in most commonly one of two ways: skiing or snowboarding. A life-long debate exists between these two and everyone is wondering, which one is better? It’s time to settle the bet once and for all by breaking down and analyzing skiing versus snowboarding.


Skiing is a means of transportation by strapping into fixed-heel bindings on a pair of long, flat runners called skis and gliding over snow. Skiers generally use two ski poles for balance and propulsion. Competitive skiing falls into two categories: cross-country racing, jumping, and biathlon called Nordic, and downhill or straight and slalom racing around a series of markers called Alpine. As a beginner, knowing how to ice skate or play ice hockey will make it easier to learn how to ski because you’ll have greater edge control and a more tuned balance reflex.


Snowboarding is also a form of transportation where the rider’s boots are attached to a board, with a special boot set onto a mounted binding. Meaning, one boot will be strapped the entire time, while the other boot can be free to help maneuver around in the snow until it’s time to descend down the mountain and then it can be strapped in. Snowboarders may also compete in several different competitive events including Alpine, Halfpipe, Giant Slalom, Boardercross, and Slopestyle. For beginners, it’s much like skateboarding and surfing- but in the snow!

Pros & Cons

Skiing Pros

  • skiing is easier to learn but harder to master
  • more natural stance
  • easier to get on and off lifts
  • easier to do by all age groups
  • faster speed

Skiing Cons

  • lots of equipment to carry (and pick up after a wipeout)
  • knees prone to injury
  • gear is more expensive
skiing vs snowboarding

Snowboarding Pros

  • snowboarding is harder to learn but easier to master
  • less equipment to carry
  • less expensive gear
  • comfortable boots and equipment
  • less likely to lose equipment after a fall

Snowboarding Cons

  • always strapping in or out of your boots to get on and off ski lifts
  • requires greater overall fitness and range of motion
  • more walking between runs

The verdict: it’s a personal decision. In other words, depending on your priorities you can decide which sport is best for you. Although skiing and snowboarding have their differences, it can be agreed that they both are a lot of fun and great exercise! Having the right equipment carriers will help you get on the hills either way. This carrier will help you get all the equipment you need up the mountain for a ski trip. It converts your bike rack into a ski/snowboard carrier and can hold up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards! Is your destination further than a drive? Save money by packing your snowboard in this box and keep it safe with bubble wrap or furniture pads!

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