What Can You Tow With a Utility Trailer?

Jun 23, 2021

Towing with a utility trailer allows for loads that wouldn’t normally fit in your car to be transported as you needed. A trailer can keep your car from feeling overcrowded on long trips. Not to mention utility trailers are easy to load and come with heavy-duty tie-down rings that can be used to secure all types of loads.

What is a Utility Trailer?

Towing with a utility trailer means towing with an open-top. This allows you to move items that may be tall or odd-shaped items. Due to these benefits, many people use utility trailers for home improvement projects, furniture delivery, business deliveries, and towing other vehicles – such as recreational or project cars.

Since many of these loads can be heavy and difficult to lift, some of U-Haul’s trailers come with an EZ Ramp. This allows a dolly to be used when loading the trailer – meaning no lifting is needed. The heavy-duty tie-down rings allow you to properly secure your load with the use of ratchet tie-downs or other common types of tie-downs that you can use for securement and maximum stability.

Common Items to Tow With a Utility Trailer

When you think of towing a few ideas may pop into your head. Depending on your situation and where you are in life, you could use a utility trailer to haul:

  • Bulky furniture
  • Appliances such as a washer and dryer
  • Home improvement items such as lumber or granite
  • Gardening essentials like plants, pots, bags of dirt, and tools
  • Livestock feed and barrels of hay
  • Lawn care and power equipment
  • Debris/trash clean up

Out-Of-The-Box Ideas For Utility Trailer Towing

Big and bulky items don’t belong strapped to the roof of your SUV, but when loaded and secured properly in a utility trailer, towing your goods is a safe and affordable solution. You can score a great find on Craigslist, but getting it home may require additional thought. Our favorite example of this is the giant gorilla sculpture [pictured below]. It may not be on everyone’s must-have list, but it did find its new home after a ride in a U-Haul utility trailer. U-Haul utility trailers come in a variety of sizes at a location near you, make towing your treasure easy and convenient. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, when you need extra cargo space, towing with a utility trailer is a great option.

Customer uses U-Haul utility trailer to move giant gorilla statue
“My wife asked me [to] pick up a custom sculpture she had ordered for our front yard. I [knew] it was a gorilla, but when I arrived The Gorilla, Goliath, turned out to be 9 feet tall and 5 feet in diameter, made of heavy sheet metal. I had to drive [to U-Haul and pick up a] trailer. [And] after working with 5 guys to load the gorilla, I had to drive 75 miles back down the crowded I-15 freeway to San Diego in rush hour traffic.
Goliath still sits in our front yard.”
– Gregory F. J.

Car Hauler For Towing Non-Car Items

Yes, you can use a Car Hauler For Towing Non-Car Items. U-Haul’s most robust utility trailer is the Auto Transport. If you have an odd load that is bulky or heavy, this trailer, that is normally used for hauling cars. maybe your best option. To see the exact specifications and whether your large load will fit, go to uhaul.com/towing/ and enter your moving details. Choose the Customer Specified Cargo option in the What is being Towed? section. Check out the video below to learn How to Move a Hot Tub!

For more information about using a trailer, or for any moving tips, check out the rest of our blogs on Moving Insider.


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