Living in Austin

living in austin

You are officially done moving to Austin and you have returned your moving truck, so what now? You can store some of your belongings if you plan on staying for only a short time. Regardless of whether you are staying for just the school year or if you relocated for a job, now it’s time to explore the city. Austin is guaranteed to become your home with a small-town feel in a big city. Here’s what you need to know about living in Austin, the capital of Texas.


Austin is home to many musical and tech related events. Every year thousands of people flock to Austin in mid-March to attend South by Southwest (SXSW)  a mixture of film, interactive, and music festivals and conferences. Austin is a self-proclaimed live music capital of the world so you won’t have trouble finding upcoming artists performing on a Friday night.


Barbecue is a lifestyle in Austin. You will find the best ribs and tacos around every corner, despite the city being one of the “most fit” cities in America. Head out and don’t be afraid to explore the Tex-Mex taco shops and food trucks. Foodies be free!

Living in AustinSports

It’s no secret that Texans are proud of their sports teams, and Austin is no exception. Join the fans and cram into the University of Texas stadium to cheer on the Longhorns during the much-talked-about football season.


For those escaping the East Coast winter storms, you have found home sweet home. Austin doesn’t get terribly cold in the winters (50s to 60s), but be prepared because temperatures can reach the 100s in the summer. This means stay hydrated and lather on that sun screen when you are poolside in the summer.

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