Preparing for the Spring Semester

Mar 23, 2021

As students may have noticed, college looked a little different in 2020. Although our community encountered new changes due to Covid-19, students have adapted by transitioning into online classes to keep their education rolling. With that in mind, here’s how you can prepare for the spring semester.

Remote Learning

Adapting to online learning takes a bit of preparation. First, you’ll need a computer.

  • Either a desktop or laptop will suffice as long as you have internet access.
  • Desktop computers have better performance, but laptops are portable so compare your needs to find the right match for you and check for special needs required by your classes.
  • Microsoft Office is accessible through many universities and larger community colleges for free with a student email.

Although it’s optional, you may want to consider acquiring a webcam or camera to participate in classroom discussions and for your professors to see you.

  • It may also help you stay focused knowing your professor can see how engaged you are.
  • Check your class requirements as some may actually require you have these.

 Lastly, you’ll want to create an organized designated work area for your computer, books, and school supplies.

  • You can’t lose anything if it’s all in one place!
  • Don’t forget to add some decorations and personal touches to help boost your mood while you study.
Decorate your workspace for the spring semester to keep yourself motivated during class.

Keeping Busy

Social distancing is not only affecting classes but campus activities, too. This semester might not have a lot going on but there are ways to stay busy and productive. Prepare for your spring semester by packing up your favorite books, games, and art projects that you could use from your dorm. If you have your computer with you, video chat your friends or attend a virtual event. Check your local school for a complete list of upcoming events and RSVP.

Limited In-Person Classes

They key to preparing for the spring semester is making sure you have everything you need, especially if you’re going to be living on campus. Protect yourself and others by packing hand sanitizer and masks.  Need help deciding what to pack? We have a complete list of essentials here.

Transitioning Onto Campus

Preparing, packing, and moving for the spring semester- during a pandemic- proves to be a challenge. Make it easier with Collegeboxes. Collegeboxes is a company owned by U-Haul International, Inc for student storage, shipping, and moving. They combine U-Haul’s network of storage facilities, Moving Helpers, and truck rental locations to provide high quality and economical storage, shipping, and moving services to students nationwide.

Collegeboxes can help pack and load your items into a moving truck so you can prepare for the spring semester.
Collegeboxes can help pack and load your items into a moving truck.

Tips for College Students

Now that you’re prepared for the transition, get ready for the college experience using these tips:

For even more college packing and study tips, be sure to follow Collegeboxes on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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