8 Study Tips for College Students During the Coronavirus Crises

Oct 26, 2020

There have been a lot of things happening in the world this year. With the COVID-19 pandemic taking the world by storm, many of us are forced to work and study from home. Colleges closed and moved to courses online. Since this, many students have continued online classes with limited in-person classes. Because of this, many students are trying to find successful ways to study, in a place where you are used to relaxing. That is where we come in! Read ahead to find some of the best study tips for your home session. 

Study Tips For Home

These study tips will help you to stay more alert while you study, and make waking up easier. They fall into two categories which make implementing these tips easier. Whether you find yourself taking part-time or full-time classes online, the most important thing to do is create a schedule that allows you to be productive.

  • First prep yourself start the day
    • Get caffeine to stay awake
    • Get ready for the day
    • Turn on calm music
    • Try not to eat anything too heavy
  • Second focus on improving productive
    • Go outside for a bit/Take a break
    • Take good notes
    • Pick a quiet/secluded place and limit distractions
    • Create a schedule for your day

1. Get Caffeine to Stay Awake 

Study tips - Caffeine to help wake you up and keep you focused.
Picture by Jason Wong

Wake up and smell the coffee! Caffeine is always a great option to get your day started. While coffee alone isn’t a study tip, it wakes you up and gets you feeling focused and ready to begin your day! Whether it is coffee or tea, grab your steaming cup and prepare for a successful day of studying at home. 

2. Get Ready for the Day 

Study tips - Get dressed to help feel more awake.
Picture by Becca Mchaffie

Getting prepared for the day is very important during the time where you are studying at home. It also helps with productivity. Make sure you get up, take a shower, brush your teeth, and change out of your pajamas. Spending the day in your pajamas can make you feel less inclined to work and therefore more prone to lazing around and watching TV all day. 

3. Turn on Calm Study Music 

They say music is good for the soul. According to some research, it is also good for studying. When I was in college, it always helped to listen to nice instrumental music with a soft melody as background noise. There is something about the calm melodies that helped me focus. If you are anything like me, then you might feel the same. Many studies suggest classical music as a good option. For instance, Youtube has a nice selection of different genres that you can listen to for studying. Whatever your choice may be, make sure to turn it down to a reasonable volume as to not cause a distraction for you. 

4. Try Not to Eat Anything too Heavy 

Have a light meal before class
Picture by Rui Silvestre

We all know that what we put into our bodies can make or break how we feel throughout the day. Eating light and healthy foods are very important in keeping focus and staying awake while studying. These kinds of foods are filling but they won’t stuff you too much. Unlike, fried greasy foods, they keep you alert and ready to keep working. Unhealthy foods tend to make you feel sleepy and overly stuffed. So, stick to foods that are filling and healthy. See our Grilling Vegetables recipe for an easy healthy meal! 

5. Go Outside for a Bit/Take a Break 

Any successful study session needs a break. Taking a break helps you refresh. With many of us in quarantine, it is still important to get a breath of fresh air every so often. Go out and take a walk, feel the breeze on your face. It’s crucial to stretch out your limbs. You want to get your body moving after sitting down for so long. You’ve been studying for hours; you deserve a break. But, don’t forget to practice social distancing! 

6. Take Good Notes 

Study tips - Take good notes
Picture by Convertkit

When your courses are online, the notes you take are more important than ever. You don’t have your classmates to lean on and you can’t ask the professor to repeat what they said. It’s crucial to take good notes. Adding diagrams and pictures can really help with taking good notes because sometimes they can be easier to look at than words. Other best ways to take notes are with note-taking programs. Some of them are totally free! That includes; Microsoft One Note, Google Keep, and Simple note. 

7. Pick a quiet/secluded place and limit distractions 

The place you choose to study will determine how well your study session goes. You have to choose a place where you are least likely to become distracted. It could be in your room with the door closed or out on your patio. Wherever you choose, you have to keep distractions at a minimum. For instance, I know we all like to play around on our phones, but they too are major distractions. If you have to, keep your phone on silent and put it in a drawer. Also, you might have brothers and sisters at home with you, who want to talk. It is essential to keep non-study conversations to a minimum. 

To secure your quiet place try telling people about your study tips and plans. As a result, most people will help support you by giving you more space and quiet time

8. Create a schedule for your day 

Study tips - Keeping a calendar
Picture by Stil

While studying at home, it is highly suggested to create a schedule for your day. For one, they give you direction. Things can get hard to get done if you don’t have some kind of outline for your day. Create a schedule so you know when you plan to wake up, study, eat, take a break and when you plan on finishing for the day. This will definitely help you stay on task! 

In summary, studying at home during this Coronavirus pandemic can be hard. There a lot of distractions and having a successful study session can be difficult. You just have to manage your time and make sure you have yourself set up for success each day. These study tips should make things a little easier! 

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