Should I Work Part Time During College?


When moving to college, college students should construct a financial plan each year. Many students worry about whether financial aid will be sufficient in helping with tuition and they usually want some extra cash to spend while embracing their new school and the next chapter of their education. While all students have unique situations in college, it is generally a good idea to find a part time job, especially when your schedule allows for it.

What to Expect in Collegeshould I work part time during college

College is usually the first stepping-stone to adult life for students and they often do not think of the little expenses they will endure that quickly add up. Food, clothes, entertainment and transportation costs are expenses that every student should take into consideration. While tuition and housing will likely be your biggest costs in college, you will also want to occasionally have some meals from local restaurants outside of your dining package and some additions to your wardrobe throughout the year. Having a part time job can alleviate some of the stress of the new expenses you will have in college.

Flexible Part-Time Jobsshould I work part time in college

For many incoming students, commuting to a job from campus isn’t a productive or cheap process. Many companies offer flexible part-time positions that are perfect for students with busy schedules. For example, U-Haul offers part-time at-home positions that are great for college students who want to squeeze a job into their schedule. The position is offered to anyone in North America, and focuses on contact center work to build upon communication skills. If you would prefer to work in an office setting to build your resume, another option is to apply for internships to get experience in the field you are interested in. Many companies offer flexible internship positions, as they recognize students’ school schedules. Talk with your school counselor about opportunities nearby.

Incoming Student Checklist

When deciding if you should work part time during college, make sure to consider all of the following typical expenses a student endures:

  • Tuition
  • Housing
  • Dining Plan and Treats
  • Clothes
  • Entertainment

Also, you should consider your school schedule for the year to see when you are available for particular jobs. If your classes take up most of your day, you should look for a nights and weekends only position. Some students may want to put all of their attention on their classes, and choose not to get a job. In this case, you should look to your financial plan and find areas to cut back on spending to maximize your budget.

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Did you decide to work part time during college? Do you have any tips for incoming college students? Let us know in the comments below!