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Arizona Forward

Recently transitioned from Valley Forward, Arizona Forward is a public interest coalition that will influence environmental and quality of life decisions in the entire state of Arizona.

Arizona Forward Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that promotes cooperative efforts to improve the environment and quality of life in Arizona.  Since 1969, Valley Forward has advocated for a balance between economic development and environmental quality, bringing business, community and civic leaders together for thoughtful dialogue on critical sustainability issues.

The Association includes members of large and small businesses, government jurisdictions, the education and non-profit communities, and individuals who share a goal of promoting sustainability in Arizona.

U-Haul International has been a member of Valley Forward since 2009 and participates in several key Issue Committees; including Transportation and Air Quality, Energy, Land Use / Open Space, and Public Education. In addition to facilitating presentations, speakers and field trips, these Committees drive Arizona Forward’s advocacy and public policy agenda.

U-Haul has received four prestigious awards from Valley Forward for its sustainability programs:  

2012 Environmental Education and Communication                                   Private Sector Crescordia Award

2011 Environmental Excellence
Buildings and Structures Crescordia Award

2010 Environmental Excellence
Adaptive Reuse Award of Merit

2009 Environmental Excellence                                                Environmental Stewardship Award of Merit