Moving Help®

What Is is an online marketplace that connects you to quality laborers. Moving Helper’s provide their labor services for a set price listed on our web site. You select which laborer you want based on the reviews they have established by providing their services to other families.

To use it’s as easy as:
1. Enter your zip code where your services are needed
2. The Moving Helper contacts you! Talk to your Moving Helper to work out all the scheduling details.
3. When the job is done to your satisfaction, send them your payment code. It was emailed to you at the time of checkout.
4. Provide the next family with all the details of how outstanding your Moving Helper’s performed.
I am glad you asked, it is your assurance that all the work is done to your satisfaction! will never release that information without your permission, you are in control of making sure you are happy with the work performed BEFORE the Moving Helpers are paid.
Can’t find your PAYMENT CODE?
Easy, it’s located on your receipt, and we also included it in your confirmation email. If you lost your receipt and trashed your email, no problem, sign into your Customer Account it is also available there. If you selected the text message alert option when ordering you can also find your payment code there.
Why can’t I talk to someone by TELEPHONE?
We only provide the connection to quality laborers, your communication should be directly with your Moving Helper, and after all they work for you. This would also drive your prices up and we want you to receive the best services for the lowest price!
Do Moving Helper’s provide a TRUCK or SUPPLIES?
No, we are a connection to labor only services. You can visit to order a truck, or any moving supplies you may need.
What if a Moving Helper doesn’t SHOW UP?
It’s best to be proactive, call your moving helper the day before and confirm scheduling. If you have tried calling them and they won’t return your call just sign into your Customer Account and select a new Moving Helper that offers same day service.
What if a Moving Helper DAMAGES my property?
Your Payment Code ensures you’re in control. Communicate with your Moving Helper and find the best resolution to any problems that arise. Moving Helpers are motivated to satisfy the customer since they don’t get paid until you release the payment code.
How many HOURS do I need?
A standard moves take anywhere from 2-8 hours. Every move in unique. You can access our Estimator Tool to help determine the number of hours needed based on the size of your home. Just remember some variables may increase your time needed, such as: stairs, heavy or bulky items, disassembling, and special placement of items.
Why a MINIMUM of 2 Hours?
Our Moving Helpers need to have a minimum of 2 hours to make it economically feasible to perform a quality service.
What if I UNDERESTIMATED the time I need?
No problem, go to your Customer Account and add hours, services, or even additional laborers to your existing order. We add it to your account and the payment code stays the same!
What if I OVERESTIMATED the time needed?
Your Moving Helpers are there to help you, ask if they can help with something else you would rather not do yourself, such as:  clean up, unpacking, and organizing. Take advantage of the time you have your Moving Helper because they are paid for the time requested regardless of actual hours worked.
Can I TIP my Moving Helper?
Yes, we encourage tipping, but the BEST way to reward your Moving Helper is to post a 5 STAR REVIEW.
Can I get Moving Helpers to assist me with my U-BOX container?
Absolutely, Moving Helpers are ready to help with delivery, loading, unloading, and even the return of your U-Box container if needed. Simply click Existing U-Box customer on our home page, and enter information as instructed.
How do I place an online REVIEW of my Moving Helper?
Easy, we send you a link once your Moving Helpers are paid via email. You have 60 days to post your review online. If you can’t locate the email just access your Customer Account and select REVIEW JOB.
How do I CANCEL my order?
Access your Customer Account to cancel your order, your funds should be available within 5 business days of cancellation. We process all refunds immediately upon cancellation. Please contact your banking institution if the funds are not available within a week.
Are Moving Helpers Bonded or Insured? is a labor only MarketPlace, Moving Helpers are not required to be bonded or insured. If your apartment building/residence requires bonded movers, simply advise them you are completing a self-move and this is not required.’s PRIVACY POLICY
We do not sell or trade any information with any non-affiliated companies. We only share the minimum information needed to complete your service with your Moving Helpers.

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