Are you looking for a way to pack your flat screen TV for your next move? The U-Haul Flat Panel TV Kit provides the most protection so you can rest assured your TV is secure while in the back of your moving truck, cargo van or trailer. Featuring foam cushions and adjustable sizing, this kit is specially designed to keep your flat screen TV from shifting during transit while minimizing the chance of damage.

Follow these steps to securely pack and move a flat screen TV using the Flat Panel TV Kit.

1. Prepare the TV for packing

  • Roll up cords, wires and remotes and place them in a clear bag or container.
  •  If your TV has a large base, you may need to remove this. Place the screws and base in a bag to keep them together. 
  • Put these aside - you can pack these in the same box or tape the the bag to the outside of the box to keep them safe.

2. Cover and protect the screen

  • Use the foam pieces to protect the TV and prevent it from shifting once in the box.
  • Place two of these on at a time and secure them using Mover's Stretch Plastic Wrap.
  • Use the wrap to cover the entire TV to further prevent scratches. You can also use blankets, furniture pads or sheets to shield the TV.

3. How to pack your TV

  • Keep the TV upright when placing it in the box.
  •  In most cases, you'll need to telescope the two boxes in the flat screen TV kit to fit larger televisions.
  • This feature allows you to fit multiple size TV's from 32’’ to 70’’. 

4. Secure the TV in the box

  • Use Furniture Pads to fill any gaps you see in between the top of the box and the TV. This will prevent the TV from shifting while packed in the box.
  • Slide the TV and inner box into the outer box as far as possible to ensure a tight, secure fit.
  • Once the TV and boxes are tight together, secure the boxes together with moving tape.

5. Moving and storing the box

  • When you load the box into a moving truck, be sure to keep it upright.
  • We recommend storing next to your mattress, dresser or other flat and sturdy objects.
  • Now you're TV is ready to be moved from point A to point B, safe and sound!

(Note: If you haven’t assembled your Flat Panel TV Kit, refer to the step-by-step guide here to get started. If you’re using the Medium TV Kit, refer to the video below for packing and moving instructions.)

How to Move a Medium Flat Screen TV

The Medium-Sized Flat Screen TV Kit is designed for TVs and computer monitors up to 40”. Please note that assembling the medium-sized kit involves the same steps as the Flat Panel Kit shown above. Follow the steps shown above to properly store and move your medium-sized screen.

How the Flat Panel TV Kit protects your TV while moving

  • Made specifically to move LCD TVs between 32”-70" (measured horizontally) that are 1”-4” deep
  • Helps to keep your TV upright and eliminate any pressure on the screen
  • Fits snugly to your TV to hold it in place within the box with four foam pieces to provide protection around the corners of the TV
  • Features handles allowing you to carry and hold the box easier than with a regular box
  • Features heavy-duty and double walled telescoping boxes to withstand any damage that may occur during transport

Ready to pack your flat screen TV and get your move underway? Find both Flat Panel TV Kits as well as a variety of additional moving boxes for sale and other moving supplies today. For added convenience, order your moving boxes and have them delivered right to your door step.

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