How to Set Up the U-Haul Flat Panel TV Kit

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The Flat Panel TV Kit helps to protect flat screen TVs in size between 32" and 70" (measured diagonally) and 1" to 4" deep. Here is a step-by-step guide showing you how to put together your Flat Panel TV Kit.

Included with the Flat Panel TV Kit:

  • 1 Outer Box
  • 1 Inner Box
  • 4 foam corner pieces (will need to be separated)

NOT included:

*If you've picked up the Flat Panel TV Kit in a store, ignore steps 1-8 as this only applies to boxes that require full assembly.

Box Assembly Instructions:

1. When you receive the kit, separate the outer box, inner box and foam blocks.

2. Start assembly with the outer box.

3. Open the box up so that it sits flat on the floor.

4. Fold in the flaps - Start with the small flaps and move to the long flaps. When you're folding the long flaps, make sure that the flap with the large open handhold is on the outside of the box.

 5. Line up the handholds and secure the side flaps with tape.

6. The outer box should now be put together (one side will be open).

7. Next, take the inner box and repeat the same steps as with the outer box.

8. Once completed, the inner box should be able to slide into the outer box. This gives you the flexibility to alter the width of the box to fit your TV (Make sure you check that the handles on the front and back of the inner and outer boxes are at the top).

9. To break apart the 4 foam pieces, first fold the entire foam block in half and break the two sections apart, then break each of those two sections again in half. You should end up with 4 solid foam pieces.

10. You will notice that there are five breakaway pieces and another crease across the middle of each foam corner block. The breakaway pieces can be removed one-by-one to fit over the corners of your TV. 

11. Start by removing the foam piece in the very middle and work your way outward depending on the size of the corner of your TV.

12. Bend the piece in half along the crease so that it creates a 90 degree angle. This will help protect the TV along all sides. (You can use plastic wrap to ensure that your corner pieces stay in place).


13. Once you have the foam corners on your TV, place your TV in the inner box. (If you'd like to, you can place furniture pads, towels or other protective materials in the space between the top of the TV and the box to prevent shifting).

14. Slide the TV and inner box into the outer box as far as possible to ensure a tight, secure fit.

15. Once the TV and boxes are tight together, secure the boxes together with tape.

16. Now your flat screen TV is safe and ready for moving day.

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