How to Keep Your Moving Truck Safe & Secure When Relocating

Finally, you are pulling out-of-town. The moving truck is loaded and you are on the road. It is not until you have parked your moving truck at a motel hundreds of miles away that you begin to think, “How am I going to prevent a thief from breaking into my truck?” Well, here are some quick tips that will give you a safe move, as well as peace of mind while you travel —-

*  Before moving, look into your homeowner’s insurance policy, as some policies will cover your belongings while you are moving.

* Always purchase insurance on your moving truck before you leave the rental center.  Most car insurance companies will not cover a moving truck.  Should you have an unfortunate accident, you could be liable for the total cost of the moving truck.  (Replacement cost = $25,000). Why take the chance? U-Haul sells their “Safe Move” truck rental insurance for as low as $14 a day.

* Whenever you stop, always check to make sure all your doors are locked…especially the back truck door with a padlock.

* When parking at a restaurant, make sure all your doors are locked and if possible, park where you can keep a watchful eye while you eat.

* When parking your vehicle at a hotel, you should always try to park your truck or trailer close to entry doors and a well-lit area.

* If a well-lit area is not available, then try to park your rental equipment as close as possible to a building or wall, which can limit the number of accessible entry points into your vehicle.

* If you feel it is necessary, you might want to park a vehicle in front of your moving truck.

* If you have purchased “Driving Service” on Moving Help®, then you can relax about security issues. Moving Helpers know how to protect your moving truck to your destination. (Just provide the padlock for your back door of the moving truck.)

These tips will give you the peace of mind knowing you have wisely planned out a move that will keep your family and your belongings safe.