Tips for Moving into a Haunted House

haunted houseIf movies and television are to be believed, people move into haunted houses all the time. If you are moving, there is no reason to skip that gorgeous Victorian home at a great price just because of a pesky ghost or two. Use these tips instead to make your ghoulish new roommate easier to live with.

#1 Find out where the death room was. This may not apply in cases of ancient burial grounds or massacres that affect the whole home. Once you know where the ghost likes to hang out, let it have some space. Instead of making that room your master bedroom, turn it into a guest room or home office that you never have to use. If it scares off any annoying house guests who stay there, you can thank me later.

#2 Lock the basement. Nothing good ever happens in the basement of a haunted house. Seriously.

#3 Furniture. If you have a poltergeist that likes to rearrange furniture or throw dishes, use this to your advantage when you move in. Just pull your moving truck right up to the front door over night, and see if your ghost will help you unload things. You may want to set up netting or padding for the fragile items. If he won’t help, you can always find other moving helpers.

#4 Insurance. Make sure that your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance is active before you actually move in. If it is offered you may want to pay extra for that damage due to poltergeist coverage. It might also be a good time to look into life insurance.

#5 Cold rooms. Does your new home have a room that is forever freezing from otherworldly anger or the presence of the dead? Call a heating professional. Often times this can be fixed with some load balancing to your heating system. Heating and cooling inspections are often covered under home warranties as well.

#6 Cleaning. Make sure that you have time to clean before you move in. You will be much happier moving into your new home once you clean up all of the blood and get rid of that brimstone smell. To make sure your your cleaning supplies will not damage what you are cleaning, test it out in an out of view place first.

These tips may not exactly sate the anger of your transparent new friend, but by following them hopefully you can co-exist and the both of you can enjoy your home. Have a spooktacular Halloween from all of us at Moving Insider!