Better Safe Than Sorry – Damage Protection for Your Move

damage protection

Getting in an accident is always a stressful situation, but to get in a car accident while you are moving can be even worse. That is why it is very important to make sure that you have insurance or coverage during your move.  The safest drivers can still experience accidents.

Questions about insuranceQuestion: Will my auto insurance company cover my rental truck during my move?

Answer: You need to check. Auto insurance doesn’t typically cover moving trucks. Credit card companies will unlikely cover damages. Without insurance or coverage on your truck rental you can be liable for the complete value of the vehicle . The very best thing for you to do is to call your insurance agent prior to your move or to read your policy very carefully.

Questions about insuranceQuestion: My auto insurance doesn’t cover me. What are my options?

Answer: You can always cross your fingers and pray, but that probably isn’t the best of ideas. Many rental companies, however, do offer you coverage for your move. U-Haul offers two different levels of Safemove coverage. We got a quote for $14 for Safemove which covers damage and theft of the truck, damage to your belongings and medical/life protection for you and your family.  U-Haul Safemove Plus also includes additional liability coverage and is $28.

Many of these terms can be confusing so check back soon for an in-depth explanation and comparison we will be posting.

Questions about insuranceQuestion: I think my insurance covers me; is there any reason to still purchase the damage coverage from my rental company?

Answer: Yes. First, if you do file a claim with your insurance then your rates may go up afterwards meaning that you will still be paying for it long after your move is over. Secondly, the damage coverage will also cover your cargo, and your insurance company may not. You will have to deal with your auto insurance carrier, however the rental company will still request payment.

Questions about insuranceQuestion: What if something something is stolen during my move or my truck is stolen?

Answer: In the event that your truck is stolen, it will likely be covered by the rental company if you purchased coverage. The theft of your belongings, however, will not be covered. For that, you should check with the provider of your home-owner’s or renter’s insurance.

Questions about insuranceQuestion: My items were damaged what happens now?

Answer: If you purchased liability and cargo coverage from the Truck rental company, damage to your belongings may be covered depending on how the damage occurred and if your items were properly packed, (see some packing tips here.)  Damage to cargo is typically only  covered as a result of an accident, roll over or other non-standard occurrence. Damage to cargo during regular driving is typically not covered.

Questions about insuranceQuestion: I am moving with a trailer, will my insurance cover that?

Answer: Your auto insurance should cover any damage that happens to your car according to your policy guidelines. Your auto insurance will likely not cover any damages to the trailer you are towing unless you own the trailer and your policy specifically covers it. If you are renting a trailer, as with trucks, U-Haul does offer Safetow damage coverage.

Regardless of what type of coverage you choose, it’s important that you understand all the conditions of the coverage options. Make sure you ask questions of the representative you are working with to get clarification.  The last thing you need when you move is more headaches. Add on Damage Coverage before you move to ease moving day stress.

What did you do the last time you moved? Did you get the coverage? Tell us what you did in the comments.